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This course is not recommended for those students who are not sports fans. This course will consist of lectures, invited guests and student presentations. The goal of the course is to introduce students to the many legal issues that arise in the field of sports. Topics that may be addressed include analysis of collective bargaining agreements, legality of player drafts, player rights, salary and grievance arbitration, role of unions, substance abuse policies, intellectual property, personality rights, sports agency, contract negotiations, labour disputes, criminal acts in sports and the liability associated with violence in sports.

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Additional information on the teaching method delivered in this class:

The course will be delivered through lectures by Eric Macramalla and invited guests. Topics that will be covered by the professor will include issues dominating the news cycle. Students will write papers on particular areas of interest and present these papers to the class.

This course qualifies as a major paper. Topics must be approved by Eric.

Method of Evaluation


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Students will be graded as follows: Paper (50%), Presentation (30%) and Class Participation (20%). Attendance is mandatory as is respect for fellow classmates.


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