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This course provides a hands-on introduction to the legal technology that is changing the legal profession and that is underpinning the success of “legal tech” start-ups. Under the umbrella of “legal data science”, we will study a diverse set of emerging applications from automated legal content analysis to e-discovery methods and legal prediction algorithms. Rather than working with commercial tools, however, students are exposed to the data science mechanics underlying these applications and will acquire basic programming skills in the programming language R to understand and implement them autonomously in simple contexts. The course is aimed at students who want to work at the intersection of law and technology whether in law firms, legal tech start-ups, consulting firms, government, research or public policy.

The course will consist of three consecutive parts.

1. Transformation of the Legal Profession. Through reading and lectures, the course will cover the transformation of the legal services industry, including through outsourcing and automation and introduce legal technology applications.

2. Legal Data Science. This segment of the courses will introduce heuristics, applications, algorithms and techniques to solve legal problems with the help of technology. Students will learn how to code in R using the www.datascienceforlawyers.org resources.

3. The Impact and Limitations of Legal Data Science. The final part of the course will study the impact of legal data science on legal research and practice. We will discuss a range of societal issues that arise from a greater use of artificial intelligence in law.

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The course consists of short lectures, in-class discussions, exercises and a group project.

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Two individual assignments (50%) and a final group project (50%)


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