2023 Winter - CML4104D - Studies in Public Law (Class Number: 10137)

Advanced Communications Law

Professor(s): Marina Pavlovic
Language: English
Units: 3
Level: Upper year

Class Schedule

2023 Winter
(January 30 - April 12)
SEMThu 08:30 - 11:20FTX316


This seminar will provide students with the opportunity to be exposed to cutting-edge problems at the intersection of the law and the realm of medical technologies. The seminar will use an approach by themes and will notably address the legal implications of emerging and transformative health innovations such as medical devices, digital technologies, drug development and the use of AI to improve the delivery of care. Students can also expect the course to cover medical research, health policy, and the regulatory trade-offs of expediting the approval of new medical technologies or drugs.

The course will involve interactive sessions with guest speakers as well as lectures by the instructor to spark debate and discussion on the legal, ethical and social implications arising from the topics discussed in class. This seminar is open to students interested in health law or technology, and no background or prerequisites are required.

Teaching Method:


Materials Used:

All reading materials will be made available to students online.

Method of Evaluation


Other Type of Evaluation:

Five written assignments in response to readings (approximately 500 words each): 50%
A final paper (approximately 3000 words): 30%
Class participation: 20%


Final Exams:

Exam type: None

Exam duration:


Method of evaluation for graduate students:

Graduate students may enroll in this seminar. They will be evaluated on the same basis as the J.D. students, but will be required to write a final paper of approximately 6000 words.