2023 Winter - CML3396B - Patent Law (Class Number: 1077)

Professor(s): Colin Ingram, Steven Blair Garland
Language: English
Units: 3
Level: Upper year

Class Schedule

2023 Winter
(January 30 - April 12)
LECMon 19:00 - 20:50FTX359
2023 Winter
(January 30 - April 12)
LECWed 19:00 - 20:50FTX359


The course covers the procurement, licensing and enforcement (litigation) of patents in Canada. The course will also include a discussion of trade secrets, industrial designs, and competition law issues relating to patents. There will be a review of the
historical development of patent laws in Canada, and also a discussion on the patent regimes in other jurisdictions such as the United States, Europe and Japan. The course will also include a discussion of relevant international treaties as they relate to
patent law (e.g. NAFTA and TRIPS).

Teaching Method:


Additional information on the teaching method delivered in this class:

Handouts/overheads are used to supplement most lectures. Sample problems are used to illustrate the application of certain legal principles.

Major Paper

Students can complete a major paper in the context of this class.

Materials Used:

An electronic coursebook and handouts are provided through the course website.

Method of Evaluation


Final Exams:

Exam type: On-campus open book

Restricted material for open book exam: No restrictions

Exam duration: 3 hours


Method of evaluation for graduate students:

Graduate students taking the course (DCL7315) are evaluated by 100% paper.