2024 Winter - CML3316JA - Technology Law Internship (Class Number: 1037)

(Registration by selection only)

Professor(s): Michael Geist
Language: Bilingual course
Units: 3
Level: Upper year

Class Schedule

2024 Winter
(January 04 - January 22)


This course provides students with the opportunity to work one day per week in a technology law environment. Through readings, observation, and work assignments, students will gain insight into daily practice and policy issues for lawyers working in the technology law field. Work will be completed under the direction of a supervising attorney and may include research projects as well as day-to-day contributions.

Note that there are typically very few January term internships. Students interested in a placement should contact Professor Geist directly to determine whether a placement of interest may be available. Alternatively, students are urged to consider applying in the Fall or Winter terms.

In light of COVID-19, confirmed placement information will only be available closer to the start of the semester. It is anticipated that some placements may offer in-person placements but that others will involve a work-from-approach. Moreover, given the potential for distance-based placements and students located outside of Ottawa, the professor will work with students to find placements outside the National Capital Region as needed. Details on the type of placement will provided prior to the student ranking of available placements.

Please note that once selected for the internship, participation is mandatory.
Students selected for the internship will be supplied with a list of the participating placements and asked to rank the placements in order of preference.

Placements over the past few years have included:
Canadian Heritage (Copyright). Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Canadian Internet Registration Authority, Canadian Legal Information Institute, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, Dentons LLP. Entrust Datacard, Industry Canada (Digital Policy), Industry Canada (Patent Policy), Gowlings, Payments Canada, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Public Interest Advocacy Centre, Ridout & Maybee, TechNation, TekSavvy, and the Commissioner for Complaints on Telecommunications Services.

Once all selected students have submitted their preferences, Professor Geist will attempt to place each student at their most preferred placement. During the past year, every student received at least their top five choices, with most receiving one of their top three.

Teaching Method:


Additional Requirements or Recommendations:

The submission deadline for consideration for the January term semester is November 27, 2020.

Applicants must have completed at least one technology law course (including any Intellectual Property or Internet law course) prior to the start of the internship.

To be considered for an internship, the following should be submitted to Professor Geist via hard copy or e-mail (mgeist@uottawa.ca):
- Statement outlining technology law interest and experience
- Curriculum vitae including e-mail contact information
- Unofficial Law School transcript

Once selected, the Common Law Student Centre will contact you to process your enrollment.

Materials Used:


Method of Evaluation


Other Type of Evaluation:

Course is graded on a Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory basis (no letter grade) based on the comments of their placement supervisor and the quality of the work submitted.

Students will be required to maintain a log of their experience and submit it to Professor Geist along with any major research projects completed during the semester (subject to confidentiality restrictions).


Final Exams:

Exam type: None

Exam duration:


Method of evaluation for graduate students:

Graduate students are required to submit both sample written work from the placement and a journal of weekly visits.