2022 Fall - CML3305A - Privacy Law (Class Number: 3204)

Professor(s): Vivek Hariharan Krishnamurthy
Language: English
Units: 3
Level: Upper year

Class Schedule

2022 Fall
(September 07 - December 07)
LECMon 08:30 - 11:20FTX413


Official Description: Introduction to Canadian law, policies, practice, and current issues related to the protection of personal information. Focus on the Ontario and federal laws related to privacy, with reference to other provincial and foreign privacy laws, including the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the workings of the office of the Privacy Commissioner. Analysis of the policy choices made to mediate the privacy interests of the various stakeholders (the state, the individual, the private sector). Study of both theoretical and practical problems which arise as a result of conflicting views of personal privacy.

Supplemental Description: We will examine Canadian privacy law in comparative perspective with the laws of the United States and the European Union, and also consider them in light of Canada’s international human rights commitments. We will also explore different theories of privacy protection and cutting-edge developments in the field, including the privacy-related implications of Covid-19. Guest lecturers from government, academia, and the private sector will offer their insights on all of these questions as well.

Teaching Method:


Additional information on the teaching method delivered in this class:

This seminar will be offered via distance (synchronous) pedagogical methods. Students should be prepared to attend and participate in synchronous online discussions. The Zoom platform will be used. Students will be invited to turn on their video and must be able to activate audio for Q&A.

Materials Used:

An open online casebook will be compiled (an example of such a casebook from a different class is available at: https://opencasebook.org/casebooks/179257-technology-human-rights-and-cybersecurity-winter-2020/).

Method of Evaluation


Other Type of Evaluation:

Students will be evaluated by way of a series of written assignments and a final examination. Students will also be evaluated based on their participation in the synchronous online discussions. More information on evaluation methodology will be provided in the syllabus.


Final Exams:

Exam type: Take-home

Restricted material for open book exam: There will be an open-book, take-home exam.

Exam duration: The duration of the exam will be determined at a later date and specified in the syllabus.


Method of evaluation for graduate students:

The method of evaluation for graduate students is the same as for students in the J.D. program.