Professors Mendes and Dodek Comment on Feud between Chief Justice and PMO

Posted on Friday, May 2, 2014

Professor Errol Mendes authored an article for the May 2, 2014 edition of The Globe and Mail entitled, “Attempt to smear Chief Justice an affront to our constitutional system.”  Both he and Professor Adam Dodek have provided commentary on the recent spat between the Chief Justice and the PMO.

“In contrast to this attempt to impugn the integrity of one of the most distinguished jurists in Canadian history […], the actions of the Chief Justice could actually have been in the best interests of the country and the Court,” writes Prof. Mendes.

Prof. Dodek, similarly, has been quoted by numerous media outlets advising that "It is completely normal for the executive who is appointing judges to consult with the chief justice of the court."

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