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Canadian Public Law Blogs

Craig Forcese 
Features our own Craig Forcese.  The website contains recent news and several blogs.

Michael Geist 
Features one of Ottawa U’s faculty members. The main focus of this blog is in Internet and E-commerce law.

Public Law Advocacy Blog 
Provides in depth articles about various public law advocacy topics.

University of Alberta Law Faculty Constitutional Law Blog 
Posts from University of Alberta Faculty in Constitutional Law.  Provides links to Faculty members at the University and personal faculty blogs.

Canadian Public Law Websites

Centre de recherche en droit public 
A Public Law Research Centre (at the University of Montreal) that has a particular interest in law and technology. (In French only)

Public Lending Right Commission 
The Commission distributes annual payments to Canadian authors for the presence of their books contributions in Canadian public libraries. 

Constitutional Law of Canada 
A website organized mainly around the Joseph Magnet (our own Public Law Group member) constitutional law text,Constitutional Law of Canada, 9th ed.

Institute for Research on Public Policy   and Policy Options Politiques, including articles by our own members, e.g. Martha Jackman

Department of Justice Canada 
Final report on the French Constitutional Drafting Committee responsible for providing the Minister of Justice Canada with a draft official French version of certain constitutional enactments.  (See s.55 of the Constitution Act of 1982)

Parliament of Canada - Ministerial Resignations 
A list of federal ministerial resignations, and reasons for resignations, dating back to 1867. 

Public Interest Advocacy Centre 
Not-for-profit organization that provides legal and research services on behalf of consumer interests concerning the provision of important public services.

Queen’s Institute of Intergovernmental Relations 

Spinlaw - U of T Osgoode Law School 
Annual conference designed by students which aims to raise awareness and generate discussion about public interest issues.

The Court 
These are student-written comments on Supreme Court cases. 

The University of Toronto Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights 
“The website houses unique constitutional law related resources such as a Supreme Court data bank of facta from past constitutional cases, summaries of recent appellate cases from across Canada, faculty publications, and up-to-date information on past and future Centre events, including webcasts of past events.”

The University of Western Ontario Public Law and Legal Philosophy Research Group 
This website is useful as it provides links to recent public law articles and books as well as news items.  It is also a good place to find public law events and conferences. 

University of Ottawa student website that tracks Government of Canada organizations on social media. 


U.S. Blogs

American Constitution Society for Law and Policy  
The website provides links to publications, career information and events.  It provides access to a wide range of constitutional issues such as Equality and Liberty, the First Amendment and Constitutional Interpretation and Change. 

Justia Blawg Search
Comprehensive search engine for law blogs around the world.

Legal news around the world and in the U.S.

Legal Planet
The Legal Planet is a collaborative website by UC Berkeley School of Law and UCLA School of Law.  The website provides insight and analysis on environmental law and policy such as Supreme Court decisions, regulatory actions, and state and national legislation that affects water resource management, toxic waste disposal, renewable energy, air quality, and land use.

Wall Street Journal Law Blog
The Wall Street law blog posts recent legal topics in the news. 


U.S. Websites

American Bar Association

Great resource for events, legal publications and American Bar Association news.

American Law Sources Online

Online search tool for American laws and jurisprudence. 

Equal Justice Works
The website is designed for law students as well as lawyers. Equal Justice Works is a nonprofit organization that provides training and skills to help lawyers provide representation to underserved communities and causes.  It also hosts one of the largest public interest career fairs and offers fellowship programs that focus on issues such as foreclosure, community economic development, immigration, civil rights, homelessness, access to healthcare, and domestic violence. 

Law Library of Congress
Provides links to current legal articles and issues.  The website has a global legal monitor that keeps track of legal issues around the world. Has a great list of legal resources, provides research help and provides information on different legal opportunities for students and attorneys. 

National Archives
United States Federal Register.  Provides access to new and past laws and statutes.

Public Justice
Public Justice is a public interest law firm.  The website provides information on key issues, case highlights, public justice in the news, events and meetings. It also has a public lawyers database.

Public Service Law Net
Database for students to search for internship and volunteer positions and career options. Place for organizations and employers to post opportunities and information.

Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property
Recent American Supreme Court Cases on Intellectual Property.

National Legal Aid & Defence Association
The website provides information on conferences, access to justice at the national, state and local levels.  The NLADA provides advocacy, training, technical assistance and access to a list of legal resources for Americans.


World Blogs

The Legal Blog - India
This website provides up to date Indian case law and legal articles.

 World Websites

Comparative Constitutions
The website posts great discussions on comparative constitutional topics.

European Public Law Organization/European Public Law Center (EPLC)
The EPLO’s aim is to research and provide training in all areas of public law in Europe.  The EPLO promotes the rule of law and democracy in third world countries and participates in a variety of issues including the interpretation and comparison of legal systems.  The website posts top European public law stories and provides a link to the European Public Law Library.

Global Network of Public Interest Law
Comprehensive website that has a network of public interest law advocates.  You can sign up for their blog, newsletter or resource and job listings.  The website follows public interest law news around the world.

Canadian Blogs and Websites Related to More Specialized Topics

Speciality Blogs

British Columbia Injury Lawyers Blog 
Provides information about different categories within personal injury law. (BC only)

Canada Law Blog 
This blog focuses on national and international law topics and also provides links to other Canadian law blogs such as the Women’s Law Blog and the Trade Lawyers Blog.

Canadian Cloud Law Blog 
The main focus of this blog is to provide news, cases and commentaries regarding cloud computing.  It’s a good place to look if you are interested in attending cloud computing conferences.

Canadian Insurance Law Blog 
This blog provides an indexed database of recent and past insurance law cases in Canada.  Offered by Harper Grey LLP.

Canadian Privacy Law Blog 
A specialty blog that focuses on developments in Privacy Law across Canada and internationally.

Canadian Trademark Blog 
This blog focuses on Canadian intellectual property law.  The site also provides access to relevant case law and legislation.

C’est é-p@tent! 
A bilingual blog on Canadian and Quebec patents. 

Entertainment and Media Law Blog by Heenan Blaikie 
News, information and commentaries on enterainment and media law.  Offered by Heenan Blaikie LLP. 

Ontario Condo Law Blog 
Blog focuses on recent cases, information and developing trends in Condo Law in Ontario.

Posts law articles found in Canadian newspapers.  

Video Game Law Blog by Davis LLP 
Current news and issues in video game law.

Western Canada Business Litigation Blog 
Provides commentaries on legal trends and emerging issues in local business communities.  

Blogs about blogs

Canadian Law Blogs List 
Provides a list of law blogs in Canada and classifies them based on different areas of law.  The main page posts headline blogs.

Clawbies - The Canadian Law Blog Awards 
This blog uses posts from other Canadian law blogs. 

Specialty Websites


For daily Canadian political info.  This is our sponsor for the May conference. 

Legal Post 
Recent news on corporate and business legal issues.

The Mark 
Legal, political and other commentary by Canadian experts (based inside and outside Canada), including (again) some of our own members: , e.g. Errol Mendes and Joanne St. Lewis

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