Welcome to the Public Law Group at the Faculty of Ottawa. Our faculty has one of the largest and strongest concentrations of public law specialists in Canada. 

The members in our group engage in ground-breaking research and teaching across the many fields of Canadian public law including: the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, federalism and the division of powers, the unwritten constitution, administrative law, minority language rights, aboriginal peoples, immigration and refugee law, labour law, criminal law and human rights.   As the only law faculty in the nation’s capital, we enjoy unparalleled access to Parliament, the Supreme Court of Canada, the Federal Courts, and the Department of Justice as well as numerous administrative agencies and government ministries. 

The members of the Public Law Group are frequently called upon to provide expert advice and commentary to courts, law-makers, the public service and the media.  Be sure to check our website regularly in order to learn more about our work, publications and events.

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