The Ottawa Hospital Legal Internship

Civic Campus, The Ottawa Hospital
1053 Carling Ave., Ottawa, ON
Time: 115 hours in the Fall (Sept–early Dec) 2018 or January 2019 academic term
Number of Positions: 2 Fall term, 2 January term
Description of tasks and projects: Students will be asked to undertake projects with a focus on corporate hospital law, governance and legislative compliance, freedom of information, and/or privacy law. Students will work under the supervision of the General Counsel, Corporate Secretary & Chief Privacy Officer of The Ottawa Hospital (TOH). Students will also work closely with TOH’s Board Office and the Information and Privacy Office.
Logistics: This internship falls in the "student-proposed internship" (SPI) category and is open to 2–4th year Law students. Interns receive 3 units of course credit. SPIs are unpaid, though students are welcome to secure any external funding they may identify. Students can complete a maximum of two SPIs on different projects in their degree. More general information on SPIs can be found here:
Application Process and Deadline: Please send your applications by e-mail to, no later than July 27 11:59 pm for the Fall term internships. Include a cover letter, resume, and unofficial law school transcripts.
Note: Interns are often selected after course registration. As such, the general procedure is to register for a full course load, then if you are selected for an internship drop one course.
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