The Centre averages over 100 peer-reviewed publications each year. Following are just a few recent open-access examples of publications by Centre members (click to read). For full publication lists please contact faculty directly.


Alberta Law Review 54:3 (2017) (special edition on health law)

J.A. Chandler, “The impact of biological psychiatry on the law: Evidence, blame and social solidarity” (2017) 54:3 Alberta Law Review 831

Y.Y.B. Chen, “The future of precarious-status migrants’ right to health care in Canada” (2017) 54:3 Alberta Law Review 649

A. Ferron Parayre, C. Régis, and F. Légaré, “Informed consent from the legal, medical and patient perspectives: The need for mutual comprehension” (2017) 22 Lex Electronica 1

K. Lippel, R. Johnstone, and G. Baril-Gingras, "Regulation, change and the work environment" (2017) 72:1 Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations 3-16

S. Gravel, K. Lippel, D. Vergara, J. Dubé, J-F. Ducharme, and G. Legendre, "Adapter les mesures préventives de santé et sécurité pour les travailleurs qui cumulent des précarités : les obligations d'équité" (2017) 19:2 Pistes

K. Wilson, K. Atkinson, and N. Crowcroft, “Teaching children about immunization in a digital age” (2017) 13:5 Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics 1155

J.W. Nickerson, K. Pettus, K.E. Wheeler, C. Hallam, D.R. Bewley-Taylor, A. Attaran, A.W. Gelb, "Access to controlled medicines for anesthesia and surgical care in low-income countries: A narrative review of international drug control systems and policies" (2017) 64:3 Canadian Journal of Anesthesia 296

H. Mumphansha, J.W. Nickerson, A. Attaran, S. Overton, S. Curtis, P. Mayer, M.D. Bould, "An analysis of substandard propofol detected in use in Zambian anesthesia" (2017) 125:2 Anesthesia & Analgesia 616

B. Wilson et al., “Supporting genetics in primary care: Investigating how theory can inform professional education”, (2016) 24:11 European Journal of Human Genetics 1541

V. Gruben and A. Cameron, “Donor anonymity in Canada: Assessing the obstacles to openness and considering a way forward” (2017) 54:3 Alberta Law Review 665

Ottawa Law Review 47:2 (2016) (special edition on health law)

I.L. Bourgeault, R. Labonte et al., “Knowledge and potential impact of the WHO Global Code of Practice on the international recruitment of health personnel: Does it matter for source and destination country stakeholders?” (2016) 14 (Sup 1) Human Resources for Health – special supplement on the WHO Code

K. Eltis, “La surveillance des personnes atteintes de démence par les appareils équipés de la technologie GPS et l’utilisation des « mesures les moins contraignantes » : une interrogation sur le plan juridique et éthique” (2016) 47:2 Ottawa Law Review 339

S.J. Hoffman et al., “International law’s effects on health and its social determinants: Protocol for a systematic review, meta-analysis, and meta-regression analysis” (2016) 5:64 Systematic Reviews 1

K. Lippel, “L’avenir du droit de la santé et de la sécurité du travail dans le contexte de la mondialisation” (2016) 47:2 Ottawa Law Review 535

C.M. Flood and A. Gross, "Litigating the right to health: What can we learn from a comparative law and health care systems approach" (2014) 16:2 Health and Human Rights Journal 62

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