Centre faculty together average over 100 peer-reviewed publications each year. Following are links to a selection of recent publications that intersect between health, law, policy, or ethics. For publications on other research topics please see individual faculty webpages or contacts. Note that some publications are open access and others are paid access—please follow the links for more information.



Ivy Lynn Bourgeault – Health Human Resources

Berta, W., Laporte, A., Perreira, T., Ginsburg, L., Rohit Dass, A., Deber, R., Baumann, A., Cranley, L., Bourgeault, I.L., Lum, J., Gamble, B., Pilkington, K., Haroun, V., Neves, P., Grouchy, M. 2018 “Relationships between work outcomes, work attitudes and work environments of health support workers in Ontario long-term care and home and community care settings. Human Resources for Health, 16:15.

Best, A., Berland, A., Greenhalgh, T., Bourgeault, I.L., Saul, J., Barker, B. 2018 “Networks as systems: A case study of the World Health Organisation’s Global Health Workforce Alliance”. Journal of Health Organization and Management.

Lawford, K., Giles, A., Bourgeault, I.L. 2018 “Health Canada’s Evacuation Policy for Pregnant First Nations Women in Manitoba: Resignation, Resilience, and Resistance”. Women and Birth.

Neiterman, E., Bourgeault, I.L., Peters, J., Esses, V., Dever, E., Gropper, R., Neilsen, C., Kelland, J., Sattler, P. 2018 “Best practices in Bridging Eduction: Multiple Case Study Evaluation of Postsecondary Bridging Programs for Internationally Educated Health Professionals in Canada". Journal of Allied Health, 47(1) 23-28.

Ghosh, H., Bourgeault, I.L., 2017 “Population Health Equity and Intervention Research in Ontario: A Scoping Review“, in Population Health in Canada - A Reader, Runnels, V., Packer, C., Labonté, R., Bourgeault, I.L. (Eds.), Canadian Scholars Press.

Williams, D.T., Packer, C., Hindmarsh, L., Bourgeault, I.L., 2017 “An Index of Databases: Reducing the challenge of evidence-based population health research and decision-making“, in Population Health in Canada - A Reader, Runnels, V., Packer, C., Labonté, R., Bourgeault, I.L. (Eds.), Canadian Scholars Press.

“An overview to qualitative research for the health practitioner“, in Population Health in Canada - A Reader, Runnels, V., Packer, C., Labonté, R., Bourgeault, I.L. (Eds.), Canadian Scholars Press.

Angela Cameron – Social justice; Reproductive technologies

Vanessa Gruben and Angela Cameron, “Donor Anonymity in Canada: Assessing the Obstacles to Openness and Considering a Way Forward” (2017) 54:3 Alta L Rev 665.

Jennifer Chandler – Mental health and mind-brain law; Organ donation; Medical assistance in dying

Chandler JA, Harrel N and Potkonjak T. 2018. Neurolaw today: A systematic review of the recent law and neuroscience literature. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry.

Whitehead, R. and Chandler JA. 2018. Biocriminal justice: Exploring public attitudes to criminal rehabilitation using biomedical treatments. Neuroethics.

Sherri Yazdani, Daniel Z Buchman, Linda Wright and Jennifer A Chandler 2018. “Organ donation in the context of medical assistance in dying (MAID): Ethical and legal issues facing Canada” 11(2) McGill Journal of Law and Health 59-85.

Jens Clausen, Eberhard Fetz, John Donoghue, Junichi Ushiba, Ulrike Sporhase, Jennifer Chandler, Niels Birbaumer, Surjo R. Soekadar 2017. "Help, hope and hype: Ethical dimensions of neuroprosthetics." Science 356(6345):1338-1339.

Y.Y. Chen – Immigration health

Y.Y. Brandon Chen, “The Future of Precarious-Status Migrants’ Right to Health Care in Canada” (2017) 54:3 Alberta Law Review 649-663.

Y.Y. Brandon Chen, “Theorizing the Boundaries of Healthcare Solidarity in Western Liberal Democracies” in Catherine Régis, Lara Khoury & Robert P. Kouri, eds, Health Law at the Frontier: Health Law Academic Seminar, 2d ed (Montreal: Yvon Blais/Thomson Reuters).

Y.Y. Brandon Chen, “Social Determinants and Marginalized Populations” in Joanna Erdman, Vanessa Gruben & Erin Nelson, eds, Canadian Health Law and Policy, 5th ed (Toronto: LexisNexis, 2017) 527-548.

Patrick Fafard – Population health; Public policy

Fafard, P, McNena, B, Suszek, A, Hoffman, SJ, “Contested Roles of Canada's Chief Medical Officers of Health”. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 2018.

Fafard, P., SJ Hoffman, “Rethinking Knowledge Translation for Public Health Policy”. Evidence and Policy, 2018.

Gagnon, France, Pierre Bergeron, Carole Clavier, Patrick Fafard, Elisabeth Martin, Chantal Blouin, “Why and How Political Science Can Contribute to Public Health? Proposals for Collaborative Research Avenues”. International Journal of Health Policy and Management, 6x, 1-5, 2017.

Paul Fedoroff – Forensic psychiatry; Sexual and paraphilic disorders

Stewart, H. & Fedoroff, J.P. (2017). The elderly sex offender. In J.C. Holzer, R. Kohn, J.M. Ellison & P.R. Recupero (Eds.), The Oxford University Press: Textbook of geriatric forensic psychiatry. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Murphy, L., Fedoroff, J.P., & Dwyer, G. (2017). Assessment and treatment of adolescent sex offenders. In R. Rosner, & C.L. Scott, Principles and Practice of Forensic Psychiatry, Third Edition (pp. 465-478). Boca Raton, FL: Taylor & Francis Group.

Holmes, D., Murray, S.J., Knack, N., Mercier, M., & Fedoroff, J.P. (2017). BDSM, sexual subcultures, and the ethics of public health discourse. In D. Holmes, S.J. Murray, & T. Foth (Eds.), Radical Sex between Men: Assembling Desiring-Machines. (pp. 93-116). London, UK: Routledge.

Colleen Flood – Health care finance; Comparative law; Constitutional law

Colleen M. Flood & Bryan Thomas, "A Successful Charter Challenge to Medicare? Policy Options for Canadian Provincial Governments" (2018) 13:3–4 Health Economics, Policy and Law 433.

Colleen M. Flood, Greg Marchildon, Gail Peach, “Canadian Medicare: Historical Reflections, Future Directions.” (2018) 13:3–4 Health Economics, Policy and Law 219.

Colleen M. Flood, Bryan Thomas & William Lahey, “A Troubled Romance? Federalism and Health Care in Canada” in P. Oliver et al. (eds), Oxford Handbook of the Canadian Constitution (Oxford University Press, 2017).

Colleen M. Flood, Bryan Thomas & David Rodriguez, “The Role of Law in the Rise and Fall of Canadian Medicare” in J. Erdman et al. (eds), Canadian Health Law and Policy – 5th Edition (Lexis Nexis, 2017).

Colleen M. Flood & Bryan Thomas, “Regulatory Failure: The Case of the Private-For-Profit IVF Sector” in Trudo Lemmens et al (eds), Regulating Creation: The Law, Ethics, and Policy of Assisted Human Reproduction (University of Toronto Press, 2017).

Michelle Giroux – Assisted reproduction; Children’s rights; End of life care

« Les juges français et la gestation pour autrui », (avec M. Gross et L. Brunet), dans Isabel Côté, Kévin Lavoie et Jérôme Courduriès (dir.), Perspectives internationales sur le gestation pour autrui. Expériences des personnes concernées et contextes d’action, Québec, PUQ, 2018, 273-298.

« Les conventions de procréation ou de gestation pour autrui au Québec : entre solution jurisprudentielle et réforme du droit », à paraître dans V. Boillet, M. Roca i Escoda et E. de Luze (coord.), La gestation pour autrui. Approches juridiques internationales, Limal, Anthemis, 2018.

Vanessa Gruben – Regulation of assisted reproduction; Privacy; Access to health care

“Regulation Reproduction” in Joanna Erdman, Vanessa Gruben, Erin Nelson, eds. Canadian Health Law and Policy, 5th ed. (LexisNexis, 2017)

Martha Jackman – Socioeconomic rights; Marginalized groups

Charter Review of Health Care Access, in Joanna Erdman, Vanessa Gruben & Erin Nelson, eds, Canadian Health Law and Policy, 5th ed. (Markham, ON: LexisNexis Canada, 2017) 71-93.

Social and Economic Rights, in Peter Oliver, Patrick Maklem & Nathalie DesRosiers, eds, The Oxford Handbook of the Canadian Constitution (New York: Oxford University Press, 2017) 843-861 (with Bruce Porter).

Katherine Lippel – Workplace health

Sylvie Gravel, Katherine Lippel, Daniel Vergara, Jessica Dubé, Jean-François Ducharme et Gabrielle Legendre, «Adapter les mesures préventives de santé et sécurité pour les travailleurs qui cumulent des précarités : les obligations d'équité», (2017) 19 (2) Piste

Mariève Pelletier, Katherine Lippel, Michel Vézina, « La violence en milieu de travail (chapitre 9) », Rapport québécoise sur la violence et la santé, Institut national de santé publique du Québec, Avril 2018, pp. 256-280.

K. Lippel, « Workers’ Compensation for Work-Related Mental Health Problems: an Overview of Québec Law », in Loïc Lerouge, (éd), Psychosocial Risks in Labour and Social Security Law: A Comparative Legal Overview from Europe, North America, Australia and Japan, Springer, 2017, 291-304.

Jason Nickerson – Global public health

Nickerson JW, Chikumba E. (2018) Access to medicines for improving access to safe anesthetic care. Anesthesia & Analgesia, 126(4):1405-1408.

Mumphansha H, Nickerson JW, Attaran A, Overton S, Curtis S, Mayer P, Bould MD. (2017) An analysis of substandard propofol detected in use in Zambian anesthesia. Anesthesia & Analgesia, 125(2):616-619.

Chidi Oguamanam – Global knowledge governance; Biotechnology

Oguamanam C “Wandering Footloose: Traditional Knowledge and the ‘Public Domain’ revisited” (2018) Journal of World Intellectual Property 1-20.

Michael Orsini – ​​​​​​​Critical studies

Kilty, Jennifer, Orsini, Michael, Confessional Technologies and the Will to Disclose: Mobilizing Emotions and Lived Experience in AIDS Service Organizations in Canada, Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 2017.

Hindmarch, S. Orsini, M, and M. Gagnon, “Conclusion”, in Seeing Red: HIV/AIDS and Public Policy in Canada, S. Hindmarch, M. Orsini and M. Gagnon, eds. University of Toronto Press, May 2018.

Orsini, M., Hindmarch, S. and M. Gagnon, “Introduction: Seeing Red”, in Seeing Red: HIV/AIDS and Public Policy in Canada, S. Hindmarch, M. Orsini and M. Gagnon, eds. University of Toronto Press, May 2018.

Christine Straehle – Health ethics; Health access

Christine Straehle. (2017). Vulnerability, Autonomy and Applied Ethics. New York: Routledge.

Brenda Wilson – Public health genomics

Metcalfe SA, Hickerton C, Savard J, Terrill B, Turbitt E, Gaff C, Gray K, Middleton A, Wilson B, Newson AJ. Australians’ views on personal genomic testing: focus group findings from the Genioz study. Eur J Hum Genet 2018.

Lang E, Bell NR, Dickinson JA, Grad R, Kasperavicius D, Moore AE, Singh H, Thériault G, Wilson BJ, Stacey D. Eliciting patient values and preferences to inform shared decision making in preventive screening. Can Fam Physician 2018; 64: 28-31.

Rahimi SA, Lépine J, Croteau J, Robitaille H, Giguère AMC, Wilson BJ, Rousseau F, Lévesque I, Légaré F. Psychosocial Factors of Health Professionals' Intention to Use a Decision Aid for Down Syndrome Screening: Cross-Sectional Quantitative Study. J Med Internet Res. 2018 Apr 25;20(4):e114.

Wilson BJ, Miller FA, Rousseau F. Controversy and debate on clinical genomics sequencing-paper 3: response to "clinical genome-wide sequencing: do not throw out the baby with the bathwater". J Clin Epidemiol 2017; 92: 11-12.

Wilson BJ, Miller FA, Rousseau F. Controversy and debate on clinical genomics sequencing-paper 1: genomics is not exceptional: rigorous evaluations are necessary for clinical applications of genomic sequencing. J Clin Epidemiol 2017; 92: 4-6.

Gray K, Stephen R, Terrill B, Wilson B, Middleton A, Tytherleigh R, Turbitt E, Gaff C, Savard J, Hickerton C, Newson A, Metcalfe S. Consumer health informatics aspects of direct-to-consumer personal genomic testing. Studies in Health Technology & Informatics 2017; 245: 89-93.

Illes J, Sipp D, Kleiderman E, Benjaminy S, Isasi R, Lomax G, Master Z, McCabe C, McCormick J, Ogbogu U, Ravitsky V, Robillard JM, Rossi F, Wilson BJ, Zarzeczny A. A blueprint for the next generation of ELI research, training, and outreach in regenerative medicine. npj Regenerative Medicine 2017; 2: 21.

Kumanan Wilson – Public health technology innovation; Immunization

Wilson K. Mobile cell phone technology puts the future of health care in our hands. CMAJ 3 Apr 2018;190(13):E378-E379

Maisonneuve AR, Witteman H, Brehaut J, Dubé E, Wilson K. Educating Children and adolescents about vaccines: A review of current literature. Expert Review of Vaccines 2018 Apr;17(4):311-321

Paradis M, Atkinson KM, Hui C, Ponka D, Manuel D, Murphy MSQ, White RR, Wilson K. Immunization and technology. A needs assessment survey for a Vaccine Tracking App. Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2018 Feb 26:1-5

Wilson LA, Rubens-Augustson T, Murphy MSQ, Jardine C, Crowcroft N, Hui C, Wilson K. (2018). Barriers to immunization among newcomers: A systematic review. Vaccine. 2018 Feb 14;36(8):1055-1062

Wilson K, Atkinson KM, Fergusson DA, Brown A, Forster A, Murphy MSQ, Tinmouth AT, Keelan J. Problems with precaution: the transfusion medicine experience. J Risk Res. 2018;2017:1-13

Houle SKD, Atkinson K, Paradis M, Wilson K. CANImmunize – A Digital Tool to Help Patients Manage their Immunizations. Canadian Pharmacists Journal. July/August 2017;150(40)236-8

Atkinson KM, El-Khatib Z, Barnum G, Bell C, Turcotte MC, Murphy MSQ, Teitelbaum M, Chakraborty, P, Laflamme L, Wilson K. Using Mobile Apps to communicate vaccination records: A city-wide evaluation with a national immunization app, maternal child registry and public health authorities. Healthcare Quarterly. 2017;20(3):41-46

Wilson LA, Pakes B, Murphy M, Atkinson K, Bell C, Wilson K. Connecting remote populations to public health: the case for a digital immunization information system in Nunavut. International Journal of Circumpolar Health. 2017; 76(1): 1358566

Pugliese M, Wilson K, Guerinet J, Atkinson KM, Mallet KH, Shamloul R, Zakutney L, Corbett D, Dowlatshahi D. Mobile Tablet-Based Stroke Rehabilitation: Using mHealth Technology to Improve Access to Early Stroke Rehabilitation. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies. 2017;11(1):148-57

Wilson K, Atkinson K, Crowcroft N. Teaching Children about Immunization in a Digital Age. Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics. 2017 May 4;13(5):1155-7

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