Centre faculty together average over 100 peer-reviewed publications each year. Following are links to a selection of recent publications that intersect between health, law, policy, or ethics. For publications on other research topics please see individual faculty webpages or contacts. Note that some publications are open access and others are paid access—please follow the links for more information.



Ivy Lynn Bourgeault – Health Human Resources

Time for gender-transformative change in the health workforce. The Lancet.

Analyzing Community Health Workers from an HRH perspective: A case study of Afghanistan. Human Resources for Health.

Intersecting Policy Contexts of Employment-Related Geographical Mobility of Healthcare Workers: The Case of Nova Scotia (NS), Canada. Healthcare Policy.

Measuring retirement: End-of-career practice patterns of primary care physicians in Ontario. Canadian Family Physician.

Evidence use in Equity Focused Health Impact Assessment: A Realist Evaluation. BMC Public Health.

Nutrition care practices of primary care providers for weight management in multidisciplinary primary care settings in Ontario, Canada – A qualitative study. BMC Family Practice.

Nutrition and obesity care in multidisciplinary primary care settings in Ontario, Canada: Short duration of visits and complex health problems perceived as barriers. Preventive Medicine Reports.

Empowering Women Leaders in Health: A Gap Analysis of the State of Knowledge. Canadian Journal of Physician Leaders.

Dietitians’ Perspectives on the Impact of Multidisciplinary Teams and Electronic Medical Records on Dietetic Practice for Weight Management. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research.

Dietitians’ perspectives on patient barriers and enablers to weight management and factors affecting nutrition counselling in multidisciplinary health care settings. Nutrition and Dietetics.

Harnessing Instability as an Opportunity for Health System Strengthening: A Scoping Review of Health System Resilience. Health Management Forum.

Institutional Ethnography as a Unique Tool to Improving Healthcare Systems. Health Management Forum.

Current Weight Management Approaches Used by Primary Care Providers in Six Multidisciplinary Healthcare Settings in Ontario. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research.

A Systematic Review of Interprofessional Collaboration for Obesity Management in Primary Care, A Focus on Dietetic Referrals. Journal of Research in Interprofessional Practice and Education.

Distance from home birth to emergency obstetrical services and neonatal outcomes: A cohort study. Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health.

Determinants of the intention of Senegal’s physicians to use telemedicine in their professional activities. Telemedicine & eHealth.

A gender analysis of a national Community Health Workers program: A case study of Afghanistan. Global Public Health.

Lori Beaman – Religion

Transcendence/Religion to Immanence/Nonreligion in Assisted Dying. International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare.

Angela Cameron – Social justice; Reproductive technologies

Surrogacy in Canada: Critical Perspectives in Law and Policy.

Jennifer Chandler – Mental health and mind-brain law; Organ donation; Medical assistance in dying

Neuroethics at 15: The Current and Future Environment for Neuroethics. AJOB Neuroscience.

A neuroethics backbone for the evolving Canadian brain research strategy. Neuron.

Respect for intimacy among persons whose privacy is compromised. Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law.

Neurolaw and Neuroethics. Camb. Q. Health Care Ethics.

Y.Y. Chen – Migrant health

A Legacy of Confusion’: An Exploratory Study of Service Provision under the Reinstated Interim Federal Health Program. Refuge.

Patrick Fafard – Population health; Public policy

Building the Political Case for Investing in Public Health and Public Health Research. Canadian Journal of Public Health.

Systems Thinking as a Framework for Analyzing Commercial Determinants of Health. The Milbank Quarterly

What can be learned from experience with scientific advisory committees in the field of international environmental politics? Global Challenges.

Towards a Systematic Understanding of How to Institutionally Design Scientific Advisory Committees: A Conceptual Framework and Introduction to a Special Journal Issue. Global Challenges.

An Overview of Systematic Reviews to Inform the Institutional Design of Scientific Advisory Committees. Global Challenges.

Universal Pharmacare and Federalism: Policy Options For Canada.

Colleen Flood – Health care finance; Comparative law; Constitutional law

Canadian Medicare 2017: Historical Reflections, Future Directions. Journal of Health Economics, Policy and Law.

Legitimacy and Litigation: The Right to Health Care. Washington University Global Studies Law Review.

Canadian Council of Academies, Expert Panel, Medical Assistance in Dying.

Universal Pharmacare and Federalism: Policy Options For Canada.

Silver-Linings Playbook? Canada’s Confounding Experience with Health Care Litigation. The Future of Economic and Social Rights.

Halsbury's Laws of Canada – Public Health (2019 Reissue) / Public Inquiries / Public International Law (2019 Reissue)

Vanessa Gruben – Regulation of assisted reproduction; Privacy; Access to health care

Regulatory Pasts and Futures. Surrogacy in Canada: Critical Perspectives in Law and Policy.

Should Canada implement a flat fee reimbursement model for surrogacy arrangements? Legal and ethical recommendations for a three baskets approach to reimbursement. Surrogacy in Canada: Critical Perspectives in Law and Policy.

Craig Kuziemsky – Healthcare management

Factors influencing Radiation Therapists’ use of cancer symptom guides: a mixed methods study. Current Oncology.

Team Based Communication and the Healthcare Communication Space. Journal of Health Organization and Management.

Development of a Path to Home Mobile App for the Geriatric Rehabilitation Program at Bruyère Continuing Care: Protocol for User-Centered Design and Feasibility Testing Studies. JMIR Res Protoc.

Engaging patients and family members in the evaluation of a mental health patient portal: Protocol for a mixed-methods study. BMJ.

Using an integrated knowledge translation (IKT) approach to enable policy change for electronic consultations in Canada. Healthcare Policy.

Sam Adams and the Social Construction of Technology and Health: Implications for Biomedical Informatics. Applied Clinical Informatics.

Special issue on software engineering for Connected Health: Challenges and research roadmap. Journal of Software: Evolution and Process.

Balancing Health Information Exchange and Privacy Governance from a Patient-Centred Connected Health and Telehealth Perspective. Yearb Med Inform.

Benefit-risk of Patients' Online Access to their Medical Records: Consensus
Exercise of an International Expert Group. Yearb Med Inform.


Physician Extenders on surgical services: the need for a systems perspective. Canadian Journal of Surgery.

Cloud-based Performance Management of Community Care Services. Journal of Software: Evolution and Process.

A tactical framework for EMR adoption. Healthcare Management Forum.

Jamie Liew – Migrant health

A Legacy of Confusion’: An Exploratory Study of Service Provision under the Reinstated Interim Federal Health Program. Refuge.

Katherine Lippel – Workplace health

The Science and Politics of Occupational Disease Recognition in Workers' Compensation. Sick and Tired: Health and Safety Inequalities

Strengths and Weaknesses of Regulatory Systems Designed to Prevent Work Disability after Injury or Illness: An Overview of Mechanisms in a Selection of Canadian Compensation Systems. The Science and Politics of Work Disability Prevention.

Katherine Lippel et Stéphanie Premji, «Women's Occupational Health and Safety: Examining the Meeting of Law and Science through a Gender Lens. Working Women in Canada: An Intersectional Approach.

Work injuries in internal migrants to Alberta, Canada. Do Workers' Compensation records provide an unbiased estimate of risk? American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

Mapping first-line healthcare providers’ roles, practices and impacts on care for workers with compensable musculoskeletal disorders in four jurisdictions: a critical interpretive synthesis. American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

Jason Nickerson – Global public health

Lessons from the Interagency Emergency Health Kit for access to essential medicines in Canada. Journal of International Humanitarian Action.

Michael Orsini – Critical studies

“We write as little as we have to”: charting practices and documenting disclosure in response to HIV criminalization in Canada. AIDS Care.

Counteracting shame, recognizing desire: Managing the emotional reverberations of criminalizing HIV nondisclosure in Canada. The Sociological Review.

Kumanan Wilson – Public health technology innovation; Immunization

Under-Immunization of the Solid Organ Transplant Population: An Urgent Problem with Potential Digital Health Solutions. American Journal of Transplantation.

Effectiveness of digital technologies at improving vaccine uptake and series completion - A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Vaccine.

RecoverNow: A mobile tablet-based therapy platform for early stroke rehabilitation. Plos ONE.

Interventions to Help People Understand Community Immunity: A Systematic Review. Vaccine.

Healthcare provider perspectives on the uptake of the human papillomavirus vaccine among newcomers to Canada: a qualitative study. Hum Vaccin Immunother.

Agile Research to Complement Agile Development: A Proposal for an mHealth Research Lifecycle. NPJ Digital Medicine.

Using a meta-narrative literature review and focus groups with key stakeholders to identify perceived challenges and solutions for generating robust evidence on the effectiveness of treatments for rare diseases. Orphanet J Rare Dis.

Health Data and Privacy in the Digital Era. JAMA.

Acceptability of a mobile clinical decision tool amongst Emergency Department clinicians: development and evaluation of The Ottawa Rules App. JMIR Mhealth Uhealth.



Ivy Lynn Bourgeault – Health Human Resources

Relationships between work outcomes, work attitudes and work environments of health support workers in Ontario long-term care and home and community care settings. Human Resources for Health.

Networks as systems: A case study of the World Health Organisation’s Global Health Workforce Alliance. Journal of Health Organization and Management.

Health Canada’s Evacuation Policy for Pregnant First Nations Women in Manitoba: Resignation, Resilience, and Resistance. Women and Birth.

Best practices in Bridging Eduction: Multiple Case Study Evaluation of Postsecondary Bridging Programs for Internationally Educated Health Professionals in Canada. Journal of Allied Health.

Population Health Equity and Intervention Research in Ontario: A Scoping Review. Population Health in Canada – A Reader.

An Index of Databases: Reducing the challenge of evidence-based population health research and decision-making. Population Health in Canada – A Reader.

An overview to qualitative research for the health practitioner. Population Health in Canada – A Reader.

Angela Cameron – Social justice; Reproductive technologies

Donor Anonymity in Canada: Assessing the Obstacles to Openness and Considering a Way Forward. Alta L Rev.

Jennifer Chandler – Mental health and mind-brain law; Organ donation; Medical assistance in dying

Neurolaw today: A systematic review of the recent law and neuroscience literature. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry.

Biocriminal justice: Exploring public attitudes to criminal rehabilitation using biomedical treatments. Neuroethics.

Organ donation in the context of medical assistance in dying (MAID): Ethical and legal issues facing Canada. McGill Journal of Law and Health.

Help, hope and hype: Ethical dimensions of neuroprosthetics. Science.

Y.Y. Chen – Migrant health

The Future of Precarious-Status Migrants’ Right to Health Care in Canada. Alberta Law Review.

Theorizing the Boundaries of Healthcare Solidarity in Western Liberal Democracies. Health Law at the Frontier: Health Law Academic Seminar, 2d ed.

Social Determinants and Marginalized Populations. Canadian Health Law and Policy, 5th ed.

Patrick Fafard – Population health; Public policy

Contested Roles of Canada's Chief Medical Officers of Health. Canadian Journal of Public Health.

Rethinking Knowledge Translation for Public Health Policy. Evidence and Policy.

Why and How Political Science Can Contribute to Public Health? Proposals for Collaborative Research Avenues. International Journal of Health Policy and Management.

Paul Fedoroff – Forensic psychiatry; Sexual and paraphilic disorders

The elderly sex offender. Textbook of geriatric forensic psychiatry.

Assessment and treatment of adolescent sex offenders. Principles and Practice of Forensic Psychiatry, Third Edition.

BDSM, sexual subcultures, and the ethics of public health discourse. Radical Sex between Men: Assembling Desiring-Machines.

Colleen Flood – Health care finance; Comparative law; Constitutional law

A Successful Charter Challenge to Medicare? Policy Options for Canadian Provincial Governments. Health Economics, Policy and Law.

Canadian Medicare: Historical Reflections, Future Directions. Health Economics, Policy and Law.

A Troubled Romance? Federalism and Health Care in Canada. Oxford Handbook of the Canadian Constitution.

The Role of Law in the Rise and Fall of Canadian Medicare. Canadian Health Law and Policy – 5th Edition.

Regulatory Failure: The Case of the Private-For-Profit IVF Sector. Regulating Creation: The Law, Ethics, and Policy of Assisted Human Reproduction.

Michelle Giroux – Assisted reproduction; Children’s rights; End of life care

Les juges français et la gestation pour autrui. Perspectives internationales sur le gestation pour autrui. Expériences des personnes concernées et contextes d’action.

Les conventions de procréation ou de gestation pour autrui au Québec : entre solution jurisprudentielle et réforme du droit. La gestation pour autrui. Approches juridiques internationales, Limal, Anthemis.

Vanessa Gruben – Regulation of assisted reproduction; Privacy; Access to health care

Regulation Reproduction. Canadian Health Law and Policy, 5th ed.

Martha Jackman – Socioeconomic rights; Marginalized groups

Charter Review of Health Care Access. Canadian Health Law and Policy, 5th ed.

Social and Economic Rights. The Oxford Handbook of the Canadian Constitution.

Katherine Lippel – Workplace health

Adapter les mesures préventives de santé et sécurité pour les travailleurs qui cumulent des précarités : les obligations d'équité.

La violence en milieu de travail. Rapport québécoise sur la violence et la santé, Institut national de santé publique du Québec.

Workers’ Compensation for Work-Related Mental Health Problems: an Overview of Québec Law. Psychosocial Risks in Labour and Social Security Law: A Comparative Legal Overview.

Jason Nickerson – Global public health

Access to medicines for improving access to safe anesthetic care. Anesthesia & Analgesia.

An analysis of substandard propofol detected in use in Zambian anesthesia. Anesthesia & Analgesia.

Michael Orsini – Critical studies

Confessional Technologies and the Will to Disclose: Mobilizing Emotions and Lived Experience in AIDS Service Organizations in Canada. Sexuality Research and Social Policy.

Seeing Red: HIV/AIDS and Public Policy in Canada.

Christine Straehle – Health ethics; Health access

Vulnerability, Autonomy and Applied Ethics.

Brenda Wilson – Public health genomics

Australians’ views on personal genomic testing: focus group findings from the Genioz study. Eur J Hum Genet.

Eliciting patient values and preferences to inform shared decision making in preventive screening. Can Fam Physician.

Psychosocial Factors of Health Professionals' Intention to Use a Decision Aid for Down Syndrome Screening: Cross-Sectional Quantitative Study. J Med Internet Res.

Controversy and debate on clinical genomics sequencing-paper 3: response to "clinical genome-wide sequencing: do not throw out the baby with the bathwater". J Clin Epidemiol.

Controversy and debate on clinical genomics sequencing-paper 1: genomics is not exceptional: rigorous evaluations are necessary for clinical applications of genomic sequencing. J Clin Epidemiol.

Consumer health informatics aspects of direct-to-consumer personal genomic testing. Studies in Health Technology & Informatics.

A blueprint for the next generation of ELI research, training, and outreach in regenerative medicine. Regenerative Medicine.

Kumanan Wilson – Public health technology innovation; Immunization

Mobile cell phone technology puts the future of health care in our hands. CMAJ.

Educating Children and adolescents about vaccines: A review of current literature. Expert Review of Vaccines.

Immunization and technology. A needs assessment survey for a Vaccine Tracking App. Hum Vaccin Immunother.

Barriers to immunization among newcomers: A systematic review. Vaccine.

Problems with precaution: the transfusion medicine experience. J Risk Res.

CANImmunize – A Digital Tool to Help Patients Manage their Immunizations. Canadian Pharmacists Journal.

Using Mobile Apps to communicate vaccination records: A city-wide evaluation with a national immunization app, maternal child registry and public health authorities. Healthcare Quarterly.

Connecting remote populations to public health: the case for a digital immunization information system in Nunavut. International Journal of Circumpolar Health.

Mobile Tablet-Based Stroke Rehabilitation: Using mHealth Technology to Improve Access to Early Stroke Rehabilitation. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies.

Teaching Children about Immunization in a Digital Age. Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics.

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