Research Projects

Following are a few of the research projects Centre faculty are engaged in. Click to go to a project's homepage. Note that only some projects have dedicated websites—for information on other projects please contact faculty directly. 


Canadian Health Human Resources Network
The Pan-Canadian Health Human Resources Network (CHHRN) was established with development funds from Health Canada and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. It is comprised of national experts researchers and policy makers involved/interested in health human resource research, policy and/or planning. It provides access to the latest HHR information and evidence on innovative approaches to HHR development, training, financing, regulation, recruitment and retention, including a searchable online database. It also connects experts, researchers and policy/decision makers in order to better coordinate research and support the development and implementation of high quality, evidence-based, HHR policies and best practices.

Ivy Lynne Bourgeault


Canadian Society for the Sociology of Health
The Canadian Society for the Sociology of Health/Société Canadienne de Sociologie de la Santé is a nascent organization dedicated to the promotion of the sociological study of health, illness and health care issues in Canada in both our official languages.

Ivy Lynne Bourgeault


Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy

Katherine Lippel


Contracting with Physicians: An Alternative to Legislating Against Dual Practice?
We explored whether provincial governments through negotiating contracts with doctors could allow a small private-pay sector for medically necessary care and ensure a strong public health care system. The UK uses contracts in an effort to ensure that its doctors spend a sufficient amount of time treating public patients and we examined how those contracts function and the feasibility of using a similar policy tool in Canada.

Colleen Flood


Global Strategy Lab
Addressing transnational health threats and social inequalities.

Patrick Fafard, Steven Hoffman


Palgrave Studies in Public Health Policy Research
Public health has increasingly cast the net wider. Broader scholarship is required at the interface between health and political science. This series will showcase the potential of rigorous political and international relations science for better understanding public health issues. It will also support the public health professional with a new theoretical and methodological toolbox. The series will include monographs and collections that appeal to three audiences: scholars of public health, public health practitioners, and members of the political science community with an interest in public health policy and politics.

Patrick Fafard (Editor)


Hatching Ideas Hub 
Clinical trials for mental health disorders in under-served populations. Our research includes the use of technology in clinical populations, service delivery and non-pharmacological interventions. We are particularly interested in involving people with lived experience as collaborators in research.

Simon Hatcher


L'Invisible qui fait mal
Research on the least visible work done by women and the difficulties they encounter when they try to claim their rights to health and safety at work.

Katherine Lippel


Long-Term Worries: Testing New Policy Options for Financing Long-Term Care
A multi-disciplinary, CIHR-funded project to examine financing options for LTC and home care.

Colleen Flood


CANImmunize is a free digital tool for Canadians that securely stores your vaccination records and helps you get vaccinated on time. Developed by Dr. Kumanan Wilson.

Kumanan Wilson


On the Identity Trail
Understanding the importance and impact of anonymity and authentication in a networked society.

Ian Kerr


On the Move Partnership
Employment-related geographical mobility in the Canadian context.

Katherine Lippel


Religion and Diversity
Examining religious diversity in Canada and the world. Our team of 37 researchers from across the globe is looking at questions and weighing in on religious issues from a variety of perspectives including: religion, law, communication, sociology, history, political science, education and philosophy.

Lori Beaman


Research Action Alliance on the Consequences of Work Injury

Katherine Lippel


Social Rights in Canada: A Community-University Research Alliance Project
This community-based, participatory research is designed to establish conceptual and practical foundations for a new form of human rights practice – one that is capable of giving concrete effect to social rights within a broad range of settings.

Martha Jackman

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