Past Conferences (Videos, Slides)

Machine M.D.

31 May, 1 June 2019
How will tomorrow’s developments in artificial intelligence and big data intersect with healthcare, and how should our laws, policies, and ethics evolve to be ready?


Opening Keynote Panel (video)

Peter Asaro
Nathan Cortez (slides)
Joelle Pineau (slides)
Colleen M. Flood (slides)
The Honourable Stephen T. Goudge – Facilitator

Panel 1. Regulating Safety and Quality (video)

A. Michael Froomkin
Vanessa Gruben (slides)
Nathan Cortez (slides)
Dr. Michael Schull – Chair

Panel 2. Protecting Privacy and Security in Machine Medicine (video)

(Panel slides)

Florian Martin-Bariteau
Céline Castets-Renard
Teresa Scassa

Panel 3. Bias by AI (video)

Jason Millar (slides)
Catherine Régis
Karen Eltis – Chair

Lunchtime Panel. AI from Innovation to Healthcare Markets: Barriers and Facilitators (video)

Dr. Kumanan Wilson
Frank Rudzicz
Mari Teitelbaum
Patricia Kosseim
Alison Paprica – Facilitator

Panel 4. Neurotechnologies (video)

Jennifer Chandler (slides)
Dr. Tiago Mestre (slides)
Dr. Adam Sachs (slides)
Peter Asaro – Chair

Panel 5. Rights to New Technologies and the Public/Private Divide (video)

Nicolas P. Terry
Colleen M. Flood (slides)
Vardit Ravitsky (slides)
Antonia Maioni – Chair

Closing Keynote. Compassionate Care in an Era of AI: Adapting Health Professions Education (video)

Dr. Brian Hodges
Nicolas P. Terry – Commentator
Nyranne Martin – Chair


Constitutional litigation threatens to further open the door to privatization of health care in Canada. This conference brings speakers from the U.S., Australia, Ireland, France, and across Canada to discuss experiences in other countries with two-tier systems and how Canada could respond if a legal challenge is successful.


Keynote Panel. The Past, Present and Future of Private Finance for Medicare in Canada (video)

Martha Jackman
Greg Marchildon
Danielle Martin
Robyn Tamblyn – Chair

Panel 1. Lessons from Other Countries on Parallel Private Finance for Medicare (video)

Fiona McDonald (slides)
Steve Thomas (slides)
Zeynep Or (slides)
Gail F. Paech – Chair

Panel 2. The Politics and Economics of Private Finance for Medicare in Canada (video)

Jeremiah Hurley
Mark Stabile (slides)
Ake Blomqvist (slides)
Jeffrey Turnbull – Chair

Panel 3. Setting the Context: The Politics of Private Finance and Queues (video)

Carolyn Tuohy (slides)
Katharine G. Young (slides)
Carissima Mathen – Chair

Panel 4. Legislative and Policy Options – Part I (video)

Sara Allin (slides)
Vanessa Gruben (slides)
Bryan Thomas (slides)
Allan Rock – Chair

Panel 5. Legislative and Policy Options – Part II (video)

Amélie Quesnel-Vallée (slides)
Michael Rachlis (slides)
Colleen M. Flood (slides)
Patrick Fafard – Chair


Ottawa Conference on Medical Assistance in Dying

14, 15 October 2016


Opening Keynote (video)

Gerrit Kimsma

Main Conference (video 1)

Panel 1. What Carter Said: The Interface of Law, Medicine, and Humanity
Vanessa Gruben
Isabelle Marcoux
Catherine Frazee
Jeffrey Turnbull – Chair

Panel 2. Liability Issues
Lorian Hardcastle
Michelle Giroux
Daniel Boivin
Elaine Borg – Chair

Panel 3. Conscientious Objections
Harvey Schipper
Carolyn McLeod
Richard Moon
Daphne Gilbert – Chair

Main Conference (video 2)

Panel 4. Patients Presently Excluded from MAiD
Jennifer Chandler
Colleen M. Flood
Randi Zlotnik Shaul
Daphne Jarvis – Chair

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