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As a non-profit institute within a university, the Centre relies on funding from many sources. Gifts and sponsorships are an important part. A gift can go to strengthen any aspect of the Centre. With your help we could provide a scholarship or stipend to cover living costs for a new graduate student. We could support the attendance of graduate students at international conferences. We could bring a world-class speaker to the Centre, or perhaps fund a visiting professorship. We could also fund new public events and outreach. These are just a few of the possibilities. We are happy to target your gift according to your wishes, or we can apply it to what is most needed at the time.



David Sweanor, Centre Advisory Committee Chair and Donor

David Sweanor chairs the Centre's external advisory committee, composed of non-members who advise the Centre on strategic directions from an outside perspective. With a long career in tobacco litigation and policy under his belt, David is also an active philanthropist who researches and gives to organizations that have a beneficial impact on public health. In 2016 David was the recipient of Ottawa’s Outstanding Individual Philanthropist award for his work.
In David's words,

Figuring out the causes of ill health is a medical/scientific issue. But dealing effectively with what we learn is typically a political decision that is in turn influenced by issues of law, policy goals and ethics. Just as the vast increase in life expectancy in Canada and globally since 1900 can be attributed to public health measures that were a result of policy decisions, our future gains in health, including through the wise use of the resources we commit to its attainment, need a strong foundation. The Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics provides the sort of academic rigour, creative thinking and involvement in policy formation that we need to pragmatically improve lives. I am proud to be involved with such a group, and to contribute financially to its success.


Robin Whitehead, Ph.D. Candidate

The University of Ottawa's Centre for Health Law, Ethics and Policy is a hub for some of the leading health, law and social science scholars in Canada. The Centre is engaged in important interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research, policy leadership and community outreach to address pressing issues in health policy, including medical assistance in dying, access to healthcare as a human right, and the criminalization of mental health. As a Ph.D. student I've been privileged to collaborate with many of the Centre's excellent scholars and have benefited from exposure to a network of policymakers and academics from around the world engaged in shaping health law and policy. The Centre provides a unique and dynamic learning environment for students, like myself, who are interested in the growing field of health law and policy in Canada.


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If you want to discuss gifts or sponsorship, please contact:

Colleen M. Flood
Centre Director
613-562-5800 ex. 8791

If you have questions about the giving process or for other administrative details, please contact:

Sylvie Corbin
Director, External Relations, Common Law Section
613-562-5800 ex. 4503

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