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Quick links to some of the main COVID-19 pages for fast updates and more in-depth information in Canada, the U.S., and globally:
Government of Canada
Government of Ontario
Government of Quebec
City of Ottawa
City of Toronto
City of Montreal
City of Vancouver
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, USA)
World Health Organization (WHO)
Johns Hopkins – Coronavirus Resource Center
Johns Hopkins – Center for Health Security
STAT (a premier health sciences reporting org in the U.S.)
U Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy is a great resource for up-to-date information on the science of coronavirus. The site also provides helpful curation of scientific papers from other journals.
The Lancet has a COVID-19 Resource Centre, collecting all articles and correspondence on the topic.
The New England Journal of Medicine likewise has a central webpage gathering articles and correspondence on coronavirus.
The Norwegian Institute of Public Health offers a "Live map of COVID-19 evidence", including topic-specific maps tracking emerging evidence on (e.g.) prognosis, infection prevention, etiology.
The Financial Times has a user-friendly and open-access Coronavirus tracker.
The Public Health Agency of Canada has daily tracking of cases in Canada.
Cambridge Core offers country-reports; expert summaries of the steps each country has taken in response to coronavirus.
The WHO’s coronavirus page provides daily briefings, technical guidance, training videos, etc.
Professor Craig Forcese & Leah West’s chapter on Emergencies is a good primer on Canadian and international law in this area. Available open access at SSRN.
Professor Craig Forcese also has a website, INTREPID, which tracks COVID-19 emergency orders by province. Emergency regulations enacted by the Ontario government can be found here.
Similarly, the Our World in Data website, led by economist Max Roser, is an excellent resource for current data.


5 June 2020

C.D. Howe Communiqué on COVID-19 and Seniors' Care
In a Nutshell: The Canadian Response to COVID-19
Free Mini-Summit 17 June: Privacy and COVID-19
Coming in July: Vulnerable: The Law, Policy and Ethics of COVID-19
The Pandemic as a Call to Action to Help Canada’s Most Vulnerable Communities
Nicotine Could Prevent the Spread of COVID-19, Studies Suggest
How Canada Has Bungled the COVID-19 Endgame


15 May 2020

Should Those With Immunity Get a COVID-19 Digital Passport?
Ontario Emergency Order May Lack Accountability on Data Collection
Pandemic Paradox Canadians Asked to Go Out and Face Threat that Kept Them Inside for Weeks
Can I Refuse to Go Back to Work If I Feel Unsafe?
The Future of Long-Term Care Homes
Access to Health Data "Still in The Stone Age"
Free Online Lectures in International Humanitarian Law


8 May 2020

Webinar: Stepping into Long-Term Care
Will Lessons From Cholera in Haiti Be Applied to COVID-19?
Jason Kenney and the Pharmaceutical Pipeline 
Advocates Call for a Plan to Loosen Park Restrictions 
Deconfinement: Protect the Most Vulnerable
Analyzing Canada's Data Collection During the Novel Coronavirus 
COVID-19 Lays Bare Poor Conditions in Long-Term Care Homes 


24 April 2020

Rationing Care in Canada and U.S. in the Face of COVID-19
The Future of Long-Term Care Homes
Summit on Machine Learning + Healthcare + COVID-19
The Impact of COVID-19 on Seniors: Lessons to Be Learned
Governing COVID-19 in Brazil: Dissecting the Ableist and Reluctant Authoritarian
COVID-19 Disruption Challenges Our Meat Supply
Free Online Course on Mechanical Ventilation for Medical Professionals
Coronavirus Vaccine Must Be Affordable and Accessible
How Do Canadians Perceive COVID-19?
Why Has Canada’s Data Collection Lagged So Far Behind?
Failing to Anticipate the Crisis?


17 April 2020

Why Has Canada’s Data Collection Lagged So Far Behind?
CHLPE Professor on COVID-19 Policy Groups
COVID-19 Disruption Challenges Our Meat Supply
Solo Delivery a Risk to the Health of Women and Children
Is It Constitutional to Screen Canadians Trying to Board Flights Home?
COVID-19 Numbers Are Likely to Be Far Higher than Ottawa Predicts, Researchers Say
Where provincial coronavirus screening websites are falling short


9 April 2020

The Agenda: Liberty Versus Security in a Pandemic
What Are the Rights and Responsibilities of Healthcare Providers?
Science + Policy and COVID-19: Webinar Video
What's In a Name? Naming the Pandemic
Government Management of the Pandemic
Crisis Underscores that Health Workers Are Backbone of Health System


2 April 2020

Privacy and Personal Data on Zoom During COVID-19
Canada After the Curve
How Invoking the Emergency Powers Act Could Help Canada Better Track, Contain COVID-19
Africa and COVID-19
How Canada Should Ensure Cellphone Tracking to Counter the Spread of Coronavirus Does Not Become the New Normal
What Does the COVID-19 Endgame Look Like? Five Simple Steps.
Has Canada Forgotten the Harsh Lessons Of Sars Already?
Pandemic Threats and the Need for New Emergency Public Health Legislation in Canada
Planning for the Next Pandemic Threat


26 March 2020

Border Closures May Not Be Legal and Won't Stop Spread
What Happens After the Pandemic Curve Flattens?
uOttawa Lab Putting 3D Printers to Use in Crisis
Police Enforcement of Social Distancing?
CHLPE Members Fast-Track COVID-19 Research


18 March 2020

Ethics, the Law and a Public Health Emergency
Leaving No One Behind With COVID-19 (Employment)
Populism and Pandemics
In the Face of COVID-19, We Must Understand Canada's Lockdown Powers
Steven Hoffman on CBC's Cross-Country Checkup


Balancing Rights and Response
On 27 February CHLPE paired with the University of Ottawa Human Rights Research and Education Centre as well as the Centre for Law, Technology and Society to host this four-professor panel chaired by Senator Marilou McPhedran.
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