Breakthroughs in the health sciences offer tremendous hope. But with progress come new legal, policy, and ethical challenges. The Centre is an interdisciplinary hub for the generation of new ideas and evidence and their translation to impact policymakers and practitioners and to benefit the public.


Alex Trebek Forum for Dialogue: Canada 150 Conference on Innovation and Globalization

Governments around the world are grappling with how to respond effectively to rapid change driven by technology and globalization. Hear impressive speakers and panelists from academia, government and the private sector coming together to break down silos between disciplines and prepare Canada to prosper in the decades ahead. Registration required.

November 29–December 1
Global Centre for Pluralism, 330 Sussex Drive, Ottawa

New January Common Law course: Advanced Indigenous Health Law

New Indigenous Health theme

Dr. Brenda Macdougall has joined Dr. Yvonne Boyer as co-lead on the Indigenous Health theme at the Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics. Dr. John Borrows and Larry Chartrand have also agreed to form an advisory committee to assist in the project, Revitalizing Indigenous Law in Health: Visiting Our Roots

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