Promoting and Managing International Investment: Toward an Integrated Policy Approach

J. Anthony VanDuzer et Patrick Leblond, dirs
Février 2020

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This book provides an overview of international investment policy and policy-making, drawing upon perspectives from law, economics, international business, and political science. 

International investment is a complex phenomenon with significant effects worldwide. Developing effective policies and strategies to attract investment in sufficient quantities and marshal it to contribute to sustainable development is a critical challenge for governments at all levels. This book’s interdisciplinary approach provides fresh insights into the mix of policy options available to governments seeking investment to support their country’s (or region’s) development. As well as identifying ways to effectively design, implement, and assess policies to attract foreign investment, it explores how to manage foreign investment’s effects. Various dimensions of international investment policy are discussed, including benefits and costs (economic, environmental, social, and political) of foreign investment, the significance of global value chains, state-owned enterprises and sovereign wealth funds, and the role of tax policy, investment promotion, and policy advocacy, location branding, investment treaties, and national security considerations.

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Tony VanDuzer’s main area of interest is international trade and investment. He has been a member of the Academic Advisory Council to the Deputy Minister for International Trade and participated in technical assistance projects relating to business and trade law in transition and developing economies, including Armenia, Bangladesh, China, El Salvador, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam. He has acted as an outside legal assessor for the Central and Eastern European Law Initiative of the American Bar Association in reviewing a draft Foreign Trade Law for Bosnia-Herzegovina and a draft Competition Protection Act for Bulgaria. He worked as a foreign expert advising on the development of a new foreign trade law for Russia which was passed by the Duma in 2005. Professor VanDuzer's publications includeThe Law of Partnerships and Corporations (now in its third edition) as well as articles on business, trade and investment law issues.

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