Sanda Rodgers

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Sanda Rodgers
Professeure émérite

B.A. (Case Res.)
LL.B. (McGill)
B.C.L. (ibid.)
LL.M. (Mtl.)
of the Bar of Ontario

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Professor Sanda Rodgers is former Dean of the Faculty of Law. She is an expert in Canadian health law, more particularly in women's health. She has numerous publications in the health law area and has served as a consultant to the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies, the Krever Inquiry into Confidentiality of Health and Related Information and the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Health Care Liability Review, among others. She was a consultant to the Federal Law Reform Commission on the Status of the Fetus and served as a Commissioner of the Ontario Law Reform Commission. Professor Rodgers teaches a course in medical-legal problems.

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