Joseph Rikhof

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Joseph Rikhof
Professeur auxiliaire

B.C.L. (University of Nijmegen)
LL.B (Université McGill)
Diplôme en droit aérien et spatial (Université McGill)
PhD (Irish Center for Human Rights)

Courriel professionnel :

Joseph Rikhof


Dr. Joseph Rikhof is an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Common Law of the University of Ottawa where he teaches the course International Criminal Law. Until his retirement in early 2017 he was also a senior counsel at the Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Section of the federal Department of Justice. His expertise lies with the law related to genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, especially as practised at the domestic level and in the context of immigration and refugee law. He has lectured on the same topics on all continents. He has over 50 publications, including the following books: The Criminal Refugee: The Treatment of Asylum Seekers with a Criminal Background in International and Domestic Law (2012); as co-author with Robert Currie, International and Transnational Criminal Law, Second Edition (2013); and as co-author with Terje Einarsen, A Theory of Punishable Participation in Universal Crimes (2018).

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