Hiram Meléndez

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Hiram Meléndez
Professeur de la session janvier

Bureau : (613) 562-5124
Courriel professionnel : hiram.melendez@upr.edu

Hiram Meléndez


Hiram Meléndez-Juarbe is Full Professor at the University of Puerto Rico Law School, where he teaches constitutional law, privacy and technology, copyright and intellectual property topics, cyberlaw, administrative law and seminars on constitutional law and cyberspace. He is founder of the UPR New Technologies, Intellectual Property and Society Clinic and co-legal lead of Creative Commons Puerto Rico. Hiram graduated from the University of Puerto Rico (BA 1997, JD 2000), Harvard University (LL.M. 2002) and New York University (LL.M. 2008, JSD 2013). He is co-founder of the blawg derechoalderecho.org. Hiram has been Visiting Professor at the University of Ottawa and the Leving College of Law, University of Florida. He is also a Member of the Puerto Rico Civil Rights Commission and has served as Associate Dean of the Law School and as Special Advisor to the UPR-RP Chancellor. You can visit him at elplandehiram.org.

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