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Katherine Kehoe
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Courriel professionnel : kehoeroberts@yahoo.ca

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Professor Kehoe is a lawyer, writer and consultant in Ottawa. She works as an agent for the Criminal Conviction Review Group, investigating applications to the Minister of Justice to determine whether there have been miscarriages of justice. She has also worked on a number of public inquiries and reviews, including the Motherisk Commission on unreliable hair testing in child protection cases in 2017 and the Honourable Anne McLellan's Review of the Roles of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada in 2019. Professor Kehoe spent close to ten years at the National Judicial Institute, where she was a Senior Advisor and then Managing Senior Advisor, responsible for judicial education courses and publications on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the law of evidence, self-represented litigants, gender-based violence, preventing wrongful convictions, and the seminar for new federally appointed judges. Professor Kehoe is the author of numerous guides for members of the Canadian judiciary. Her practice background includes labour, child protection and criminal law. 

Professor Kehoe obtained her LLB from the University of Toronto and her BA in Philosophy from Queen's University. 

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