Mike Hook

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Mike Hook
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BA (Laurentian)

Courriel professionnel : mhook@uOttawa.ca

Mike Hook


I'm a January term professor who developed and teaches a few lucky students the finer points of starting and running a small or solo practice. I've been running my own practice in Toronto advising socially, environmentally, and ethically responsible entrepreneurs since my call to the Bar in 2012. I'm also a founder of Last Straw Distillery, an advocate for small business as a vehicle for social benefit, a student of permaculture and design thinking, and a leaning post for lawyers who want to escape the world of Big Law.

Before law, I spent 17 years as an infantry soldier and officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, and did a variety of manual labour and minimum wage jobs - the memory of which are a great reminder of what a privilege it is to study and practice law, instead of doing real work.


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