Howard D. Greenberg

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Howard D. Greenberg
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Howard D. Greenberg


Mr. Greenberg is a Certified Specialist in Immigration Law and the Past Chair of the Citizenship and Immigration Law Specialization Committee of the Law Society of Upper Canada, responsible for certifying lawyers in this practice field.

Mr. Greenberg is a Past Chairperson of both the Canadian Bar Association’s National Immigration Section, the Citizenship and Immigration Section of the Canadian Bar Association (Ontario) and is a Past Co-Chair of the Nationality and Immigration Committee of the International Bar Association. He founded the Canadian Immigration Policy Research Council, a think tank that provides policy input to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

He is recognized as a leading immigration lawyer in the Who’s Who of Corporate Immigration Lawyersand a leading practitioner in the 2009 Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory.

Mr. Greenberg has appeared before the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Immigration to provide expertise on the workings of the Canadian immigration system as part of the US comprehensive immigration reform.

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