Hervé Depow

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Hervé Depow
Professeur à la leçon

Pièce : Pièce BRS 421
Bureau : (613) 562-5800 poste 7798
Bureau : (613) 562-5124
Courriel professionnel : hdepow@uottawa.ca


As of June 17, 2003 Hervé Depow was appointed Ombudsperson for Algonquin College. Before becoming Ombudsperson he practised law in Ottawa and New Brunswick. Since 1995 he had concentrated his professional practice in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Hervé was a Roster Mediator with the Mandatory Mediation Program instituted in the Superior Court of Ontario and has conducted mediations in commercial matters for the past several years in Ottawa and Toronto. He has also conducted mediations and investigations on behalf of federal government departments with respect to workplace harassment issues. Hervé taught Business Law at Algonquin College as part of the School of Business from 1998 to 2001. For the past several years he has been teaching Interviewing, Counselling, and Negotiation at the Faculty of Law. 

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