October 24, 2016

Indigenous abuses a secret no longer: Collenette (Toronto Star)
Penny Collenette, Common Law Section, discusses how individuals like Gord Downie, Joseph Boyden and organizations like Journalists for Human Rights are marking a change in tone regarding indigenous abuse and reconciliation.

Canada-EU failure signals more bad news for free trade deals (Yahoo! News)
Debra Steger, Common Law Section, explains the factors leading to the collapse of free trade talks between Canada and the European Union.

New student program could help ease the crushing bail burden on Ottawa's jail (Ottawa Sun)
Blair Crew, University of Ottawa Community Legal Clinic, shows how a program, that helps women get released on bail, started in Kingston could be applied in Ottawa. 

Élections partielles dans Ottawa-Vanier : tout ce que vous devez savoir! (Radio-Canada Ottawa-Gatineau)
Cet article traite de la candidature de Nathalie DesRosiers, Section de common law, pour les Libéraux et André Marin, Section de common law, pour les progressistes-conservateurs dans les élections partielles dans Ottawa-Vanier.  

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Lundi, Octobre 24, 2016
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