Novembre 2019

Richard C. Owens: In GoldTV, internet activism runs aground. Again (Ottawa Citizen)
Anti-intellectual property activists, the servants of Google and TorrentFreak, despoil the creative scene, supporting piracy over productivity. 

Attire does not imply consent, Ontario Court of appeal says, calling out Justice for comments (The Globe and Mail)
Ontario’s highest court has called out a judge for saying that the way a woman dresses may indicate consent to sexual activity and for describing that notion as “common sense.”

IP practitioners wary of patented medicine pricing amendments (Canadian Lawyer Magazine)
Amendments to Canada’s Patented Medicines Regulations come into force July 1 — and they have already been met with two court challenges

L’Ontario adopte une motion contre la loi québécoise sur la laïcité (Le Devoir Media 1)
Les députés provinciaux de l’Ontario ont appuyé unanimement lundi une motion dénonçant la Loi sur la laïcité de l’État au Québec.

Yes, your boss can fire you for things you say. What recent controversies tell us about the limits of free speech (Welland Tribune)
The bottom line is the charter only protects a person’s speech from government interference — so, no, being fired for what you said doesn’t necessarily violate your human rights.

The spying on Timor-Leste case … et cetera (part 5) (The Australian Independant Media Network)
It has been calculated that, since 1999 and up to the end of 2015, Australia has received nearly US$5 billion in government revenue from oil and gas fields in Timor-Leste’s territory from Laminaria-Corallina, Kitan, Bayu-Undan and Elang-Kakatua. 

Les 12 travaux du nouveau ministre du Patrimoine (ICI
Ce ne sont pas les défis qui manquent pour le novice politique qu'est Steven Guilbeault.

Trudeau appoints business-oriented Jonathan Wilkinson as Minister of Environment and Climate Change (The Globe and Mail)
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has appointed a business-oriented Environment Minister, sending signal to the oil patch that it won’t be left behind even as the government promises to do more to tackle climate change.

Ottawa gèle des fonds pour le VIH mal dépensés par une agence franco-torontoise (ICI
Après des mois d’enquête sur les dépenses de La Passerelle-I.D.É, Santé Publique Canada a décidé de suspendre officiellement son entente de financement avec l’organisme francophone pour ses activités de prévention du VIH, a appris Radio-Canada.

Nov. 20: ‘If Jason Kenney has nothing to hide…’ plus other letters to the editor (The Globe and Mail)
The Alberta government has announced that it will cancel the contract of the province’s election commissioner, with no guarantee that his investigation of the United Conservative Party’s 2017 leadership campaign will continue. Finance Minister Travis Toews’s claims of government efficiency seem implausible.

Website Blocking Comes To Canada With Federal Court Ruling (HuffPost Canada)

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Un tout premier site de piratage bloqué au Canada (La Presse+)
C’est une première au Canada, et peut-être le début d’une tendance : un tribunal a forcé les fournisseurs d’accès internet du pays à bloquer l’accès à un site illégal de piratage.

Ottawa real estate developers face lawsuit from Los Angeles street artist (The Globe and Mail)
A Los Angeles street artist is suing the builders of an Ottawa real estate development for allegedly misappropriating his art in an advertising campaign.

New Brunswick files 'strange' arguments in Alberta's carbon tax challenge (CBC News)
Province argues it wasn't given enough time, despite other parties getting same amount of time

National Security at the United Nations: The Latest (Just Security)
The Gambia filed a lawsuit in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Nov. 11, alleging Myanmar committed “violations of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (the ‘Genocide Convention’).

Sidewalk Labs digital plan brings new tech details, but many questions remain; No facial recognition proposed (National Post)
Officials with Sidewalk Labs on Friday insisted that they don’t want to track the energy consumption of individual devices inside private homes in a contentious development project on Toronto’s waterfront, hours after the company released a document which suggested that they might be doing exactly that.

CSIS ran ‘high risk’ spy operations without telling government (Toronto Star)
Canada's domestic intelligence agency repeatedly broke rules by authorizing "high risk" spy operations without the knowledge of its political masters. 

Canada could also end up facing Trump's wrath (CBC Radio One 640AM (CBN))

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A quieter PM emerges in aftermath of election (Toronto Star)
Justin Trudeau has never been the shy, retiring type. From his first national exposure when he gave the eulogy at his father’s funeral to his tenure as Canada’s prime minister, it’s clear he is a natural in the spotlight.

De l’innovation, des juges qui reviennent à l’université, des facs dans le top 100 mondial (

Why a tiny African country is taking the Rohingya’s case to the world court (The Washington Post)
Gambia, the smallest country in continental Africa, took an unprecedented step this week in the realm of international justice: It filed a lawsuit at the United Nations’ top court accusing Myanmar of genocide against Rohingya Muslims.

U of O’s Refugee Hub partners with chocolate maker for sweet fundraiser (The Fulcrum)
The University of Ottawa’s Refugee Hub has partnered with a Canadian chocolate factory to develop a sweet way to raise funds and help welcome newcomers to the country.

Traditional, electronic cigarette volumes remain on decline in October (Winston-Salem Journal)
Traditional electronic cigarette sales continued to decline during October amid the current public-health controversy, according to the latest Nielsen report released Tuesday.

New SCC clerkship interview process: Equity and sound public administration (The Lawyer's Daily)
Cambridge doctoral student Paul Warchuk messaged me this morning with the following news: “The Supreme Court of Canada recently announced that the next round of interviews for clerkships at the court will be conducted via Skype. Any thoughts?”

New government needs a new look at citizenship and statelessness (
Canada did not make any pledges directly related to statelessness five years ago, and there is no indication that Canada will make any now. One may presume that statelessness is not an issue in Canada; that it a persistent problem in developing countries. This is not true, writes Jamie Liew and Silvia Esteves Domingues

How corporations still get away with secret lobbying in B.C. (The Narwhal)
A full year after the province claimed it would make B.C. the ‘most transparent lobbying regime in Canada,’ major loopholes remain — leaving secret, unregistered lobbying completely legal.

Données en santé : l’inquiétant nouvel eldorado des géants du numérique (ICI
Google a mis la main sur les données en matière de santé de millions d'Américains après avoir signé un accord avec Ascension, une compagnie qui exploite 150 hôpitaux et 50 centres pour personnes âgées dans 21 États. Bien que le contrat soit parfaitement légal, il soulève des inquiétudes quant à la protection des données personnelles, même au Canada.

Cet homme déménage en canot et teste le système fiscal canadien (ICI
L'Agence du revenu du Canada accepte de couvrir les frais de déménagement d'un enseignant qui s'est déplacé en canot vers son nouveau lieu de travail.

Africa, Innovation And The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Jimidisu)
The Third Industrial Revolution (3IR) provided perhaps the most significant insights into Africa’s potential to fast-track its march to sustainable development.

This man tested Canada's tax laws by moving in a canoe — and won (CBC Ottawa)
Campfire wood, bagged ice and provincial park receipts accepted as moving expenses

Loi sur les langues officielles : un expert livre six secrets pour éviter la crise de la cinquantaine (Le Nord)
Comment assurer que la Loi sur les langues officielles (LLO), qui a maintenant plus de 50 ans, offre une meilleure protection aux minorités? Le professeur titulaire de l’Université d’Ottawa, François Larocque, originaire de Sturgeon Falls, s’est inspiré de divers rapports publiés récemment pour formuler des recommandations en vue d’une nouvelle version de la Loi.

E-cigarettes a burning issue across the globe (Daily Express)
The use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) or vaping has become an issue and has triggered polemics around the world, including in Malaysia.

Alberta conscience-rights bill puts doctor objections to abortion, assisted dying, back in focus (The Globe and Mail)
A private member’s bill in Alberta that aims to protect the conscience rights of doctors has reignited the debate about how access to procedures such as abortion and assisted dying should be balanced with the moral beliefs of physicians.

Gambia first to take a stand against Rohingya genocide (Arab News)
More than two-and-a-half years on from the mass exodus of the Rohingya from northwestern Myanmar prompted by the “clearing operations” against the minority group by the country’s army, the international community is finally stepping up to its responsibilities. 

Myanmar Genocide Lawsuit Is Filed at United Nations Court (The New York Times)
Gambia, on behalf of Rohingya Muslims, opens an international dispute with Myanmar in an effort to have the country’s leadership tried for genocide.

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Vaping habit a burning issue (Headtopics - Malaysia)
The use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) or vaping has become an issue and has triggered polemics around the world, including in Malaysia

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Juul Labs pulls mint e-cigarette flavors as FDA prepares final rules on products (Winston-Salem Journal)

Who Is A ‘Historic Anglo’? Quebec’s Premier Explains (HuffPost Canada)
An opposition MNA asked if the government will verify “historic” anglophones with a "secret handshake."

The partnership imperative for African innovation in the fourth industrial revolution (Trade 4 Dev News)
The entrepreneurial uptake of computer technology and the entrenchment of digitisation have made Africa a demonstrable source of intellectual power in the digital sphere.

National pharmacare (CBC Radio One 91.5FM (CBO))

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Trudeau: Re-election means never having to say you’re sorry (
I’ve got a hunch that when the federal Liberal caucus meets, observers will be surprised, even taken aback, by the jovial tone among Liberals. 

Loi sur les langues officielles : 6 secrets pour éviter la crise de la cinquantaine (L'Express)
Comment assurer que la Loi sur les langues officielles (LLO), qui a maintenant plus de 50 ans, offre une meilleure protection aux minorités?

Une cinquantaine de personnes se sont prévalues de la clinique juridique itinérante (L'Express)
Deux jours durant, les 28 et 29 octobre, les avocats du Programme de pratique du droit (PPD) de l’Université d’Ottawa ont animé une clinique juridique gratuite au Centre francophone du Grand Toronto (CFGT).

Minority government a chance for Trudeau to show leadership (Toronto Star)

LSO lecture series tackles AI and tech’s impact on law practice (Advocate Daily)
A Law Society of Ontario (LSO) conference will explore through two days of thought-provoking panel discussion how innovation and technology impact the practice of law, says Toronto criminal lawyer Jill Presser.

Does Quebec’s values test raise the same concerns as Bill 21? Experts weigh in (Global News)
While Quebec’s move to impose a values test on immigrants has prompted some criticism, experts say it likely won’t cause the same uproar as the province’s ban on religious symbols.

Chaplin: Focus on the MPs we elected, not on how they got there (The Province)
Following the Oct. 21 election, calls for proportional representation inevitably resurfaced. But maybe a healthy democracy is less about the actual form of voting we choose, and more about giving individual members of Parliament a real say, with some real accountability.

Business Lobby Assisting Uber Appeal To Force Workers To File Complaints In Amsterdam, Critics Say (PressProgress)
In 2017, a group of drivers filed a statement of claim alleging Uber miss-classified its workers, denying them minimum wage rights, union rights and many health protections.

A Life Well-Lived in Legal Education and Beyond: Ian Kerr (1965-2019) (
On August 27, 2019, my friend and colleague at the uOttawa Faculty of Law Ian Kerr passed away due to complications arising from cancer. He was only 54 years old.

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