Janvier 2020

L’aide médicale à mourir pour les victimes d'actes criminels? (La Presse)
Dès le 12 mars prochain, la loi québécoise permettra l’aide médicale à mourir pour certaines personnes en situation de handicap, souffrant de problèmes de santé mentale et même… aux victimes d’actes criminels..

Meet with Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs, academics and lawyers tell Justin Trudeau and John Horgan (Ricochet)
Dozens of academics and lawyers from across Canada have signed the following letter urging the provincial and federal governments to meet directly with the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs and open a nation-to-nation dialogue in the hopes of peacefully resolving the matter. Ricochet is publishing this open letter as a complement to our ongoing coverage of the standoff in Wet’suwet’en territory.

Everything you need to know about the UN climate refugee ruling and Canada (National Observer)
A new human-rights ruling says deporting a person to a country where they could be killed or seriously mistreated as a result of the climate crisis would violate an international treaty to which Canada is a party, according to the country’s UN refugee agency.

No constitutional barriers to Prince Harry and Meghan staying in Canada (IPolitics)
By Errol Mendes:
"The 'Queen in Right of Canada' is a separate legal person from the Queen who is the head of state of the United Kingdom. In essence, the Queen has two separate capacities: one as Queen Elizabeth the person and the other, a fictional legal person who is represented in Canada by the Governor General federally and lieutenant governors in the provinces."

Services en français en Ontario: les faux-semblants de la commissaire (Le Droit)
OPINION / Les décisions catastrophiques de Doug Ford à l’égard des francophones d’Ontario ont provoqué, depuis plus d’un an, la plus grande mobilisation communautaire dans l’histoire de la province depuis le temps de l’ignoble Règlement 17.

The Rebel to Rabble Review: Coastal GasLink standoff continues to generate headlines (IPolitics)
It turns out that Rebel Media wasn’t the only activist media outlet to send a reporter past the police checkpoint to provide on-the-spot coverage of the ongoing standoff over the Coastal GasLink natural gas pipeline in northern BC.

U.S. Surgeon General update has mixed message on e-cigarette effectiveness (Winston-Salem Journal)
A woman using an electronic cigarette exhales in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Dr. Jerome Adams, the U.S. surgeon general, said Thursday that more research is needed on the effectiveness of e-cigs in smoking cessation.

Volkswagen ordered to pay $196.5M in emissions scandal (RdnewsNOW)
TORONTO — Volkswagen was ordered Wednesday to pay $196.5 million to the Canadian government for importing cars that secretly violated the country’s emissions standards, a record-setting fine an Ontario judge said marks “a new era” in environmental protection.

Class action proceedings and natural persons as defendants: Quebec Court of Appeal opines (The Lawyer's Daily)
Is a class action proceeding brought against a single natural person certifiable?
This was one of the key questions recently addressed by the Quebec Court of Appeal in its fifth judgment...

How did VW avoid criminal charges in Canada over its emissions cheating? (Macleans.ca )
When Volkswagen Canada pleads guilty on Wednesday to illegally importing cars that were rigged to beat emissions tests, investigators and prosecutors may be tempted to celebrate. This is expected to be the biggest environmental fine in Canadian history. Volkswagen is facing 60 charges and each charge carries a maximum penalty of $6 million, so the automaker may be forking over $360 million.

Non-profit threatens to sue Alberta over public inquiry into allegedly foreign-funded environmentalists (THE STAR)
EDMONTON—The Alberta government has signalled it is ready for potential legal battles over a public inquiry that critics have slammed as akin to modern-day McCarthyism.

Progress Alberta threatens UCP government with lawsuit over inquiry into oil and gas critics (Global News)
An Edmonton non-profit is threatening to take the province to court over its public inquiry into foreign funding of organizations that the province believes are “anti-Alberta.”

The Decade in Legal Education (2000-2019) (Slaw.ca)
The end of a year is a time to reflect upon the previous 12 months. The end of 2019 also provides the opportunity to reflect on the past decade.

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