9 décembre 2016

Why Viola Desmond stood up to racism in Nova Scotia (Macleans)
Constance Backhouse, Common Law Section, Faculty of Law, highlights the history and impact of Viola Desmond, as she is chosen as the face for Canada’s new $10 bill.

Ottawa Today - Dec. 07 (9:00-10:00) (1310 News Ottawa)
Michael Geist, Common Law Section, Faculty of Law, discusses the new survey on electoral reform implemented by the government, mydemocracy.ca, and the potential privacy concerns. 

Report draws mixed reactions (Winston-Salem Journal)
David Sweanor, Common Law Section, Faculty of Law, comments on the U.S. Surgeon General’s study on youth use of electronic cigarettes. He believes the report “is a lopsided analysis that misleads more than it informs.” 

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Vendredi, Décembre 9, 2016
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