8 novembre 2017

Study finds bail 'no-go' zones block access to harm-reduction services (Simon Fraser University The Peak)
Marie-Ève Sylvestre, Faculty of Law, is the lead author of a study which found that releasing people on bail in Vancouver on the condition they do not go to the Downtown Eastside sets them up for failure.

"Who has jurisdiction over water?" (The Manitoban Online)
Aimée Craft, Faculty of Law and panelist at the Student Pipeline Action Committee, shares her stance on the history and implications of pipelines.

Canada's AI Experts Backing Ban on Killer Robots (Techvibes)
Ian Kerr, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Medicine, co-signed a letter calling on the Australian and Canadian governments to ban killer robots ahead of a United Nations meeting on weapons this month.


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Mercredi, Novembre 8, 2017
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