8 février 2017

Exporting a Canadian success story (Hill Times)
Jennifer Bond, Faculty of Law, aided in the creation of the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI), which the University of Ottawa later joined, to work together to start or expand private sponsorship programs.

Experts to FDA: End the Smokeless Tobacco Misinformation Campaign (Western Free Press)
David Sweanor, Faculty of Law, comments on FDA campaigns and other similar ones against smokeless tobacco “that fails to directly warn about the much greater harms from smoked tobacco (predominantly cigarettes).”

Court Challenges Program reinstated and expanded (CBA National)
Carissima Mathen, Faculty of Law, comments on the federal government reinstatement of the Court Challenges Program. 

Can real-time transit data really be open? (Government Computer News)
Teresa Scassa, Faculty of Law, and Alexandra Diebel comment on the use of real-time data and potential security challenges.  

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Mercredi, Février 8, 2017
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