8-15 juin 2017

What Proposed Changes to Canada's Sexual Assault Laws *Really* Mean (Flare)
Blair Crew, Faculty of Law, explains how a victim of sexual assault can now participate in the legal process and make her own representations on it.

Spam class-action rights sway (National Post)
On Twitter, Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, chided the Federal Liberal government for halting the rollout of Canada's anti-spam law because the Liberals voted for the legislation in 2010 while they were in opposition. 

Vern Krishna: Beware the net worth assessment (Financial Post)
Vern Krishna, Faculty of Law, shares his thoughts on the Canada Revenue Agency. 

Brad Wall's carbon-pricing fight is constitutional hot air (The Globe and Mail)
Nathalie Chalifour and Stewart Elgie, Faculty of Law, give insight on Brad Wall's carbon-pricing fight.

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Le président du CRTC, Jean Pierre Blais, ne sollicitera pas un autre mandat (The HuffPost)
Michael Geist, Faculté de droit, soutient que l'impact de M. Blais se fera ressentir longtemps après son départ.

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Le président du CRTC ne sollicitera pas un autre mandat (98.5 FM Montreal)
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'It's been hell': family on edge as appeal begins in stayed murder case (CBC News)
Emilie Taman, Faculty of Law, believes the Crown faces a pretty considerable challenge in showing that the trial judge made an error of law in agreeing to stay the charge because of the delay. 

Ottawa's push to address competition in our wireless market is long overdue (The Globe and Mail)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, shares his thoughts on Ottawa’s push to address competition in our wireless market. 

CRTC chairman says he did not reapply for position (The Globe and Mail)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, said the changes that came under Blais will have an impact long after his departure.

Lawyers call some proposed changes to sexual assault law 'inexplicable,' possibly 'unconstitutional' (CBC News Toronto)
Elizabeth Sheehy, Faculty of Law, comments on amendments in Bill C-51 to clarify that an unconscious person cannot consent to sex, noting it might be misinterpreted by judges. 

Ex-languages commissioner Fraser says Liberals waited a year to begin search for his replacement (Hill Times)
Penny Collenette, Faculty of Law, says there is no excuse for continued delays after nearly two years of Liberal rule. 

Feds expand the rape shield protections (CBA National)
Carissima Mathen, Faculty of Law, says Bill C-51, which contains updates to rape shield provisions, is important, even if it's more about clarity and consistency than it is tooled towards bringing in entirely new concepts and rights. 

Time for Canada to walk the talk on human rights (National Observer)
John Packer, Faculty of Law, notes that programs are being introduced in Canada to extend the reach and to make real the human rights of everyone and adds that adequate financial and human resources are needed to achieve objectives.

Why Canada's Rosa Parks Will Be on the Next $10 Bill (OZY)
Constance Backhouse, Faculty of Law, recounts the circumstances that let Viola Desmond, Canada's Rosa Parks, to object to a racist theater policy in Nova Scotia in 1946. 

Midweek podcast: Senate tries to deal with 'out of whack' court delays (NewsReality.com)
Carissima Mathen, Faculty of Law, expects Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will appoint a new chief justice from within the existing Supreme Court ranks.   

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