8-10 mai 2017

Refugees once again have full health benefits, but some practitioners still don't know that (CBC News)
Y.Y. Brandon Chen and Jamie Chai Yun Liew, Faculty of Law, share their thoughts on refugees' health benefits.

What happened to Justin Trudeau's all-star Cabinet? (Macleans)
Craig Forcese, Faculty of Law, analyses federal policy and notes the Trudeau government has had a slow start overall.

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Refonte électorale : un « combat perdu d'avance » pour le Nord de l'Ontario (Radio-Canada)
Michael Pal, Faculté de droit, est membre de la Commission de délimitation des circonscriptions électorales du Grand Nord. La Commission se penche sur les façons d'arriver à un équilibre entre les circonscriptions et la population en vue des élections provinciales de 2018.

Questions in public vs. questions in private (Toronto Star)
Penny Collenette, Faculty of Law, shares her thoughts on the House of Commons and the Senate.

Is the Senate becoming more accountable?; Push to oust Meredith, modernize institution could signal some improvement (Toronto Star)
Adam Dodek, Faculty of Law, argues that the Senate faces a "triple deficit" - one of integrity, legitimacy and democracy.

Hazy On Pot Pardons (Ottawa Citizen)
Carissima Mathen, Faculty of Law, questions how the government is going to offer pardons. Pas disponible en ligne – voir la fin du message | Not available online – see end of message

Supreme Court ruling is seismic; 11,000 cases could get tossed in Ont (Toronto Sun)
Andre Marin, Faculty of Law, shares his thoughts on the Supreme Court of Canada.

Focus: Regulations on e-cigarettes under debate by profession (Law Times)
David Sweanor, Faculty of Law, says the new law fails to strike the right balance between preventing new users of nicotine and helping existing ones.

Panel named to establish new provincial ridings in N. Ontario (TB Newswatch)
Michael Pal, Faculty of Law, is a member of a panel that will recommend the boundaries for at least one and as many as two new ridings in the far north.

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Province Names Members of Far North Electoral Boundaries Commission (Wawa-news.com)

RCMP eyes expanded media protections amid police surveillance concerns (Blue Line)
Wesley Wark, Faculty of Social Sciences, and Craig Forcese, Faculty of Law, share their thoughts on the RCMP’s push to broaden the 2003 ministerial directive on national security investigations.  

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