6-7 avril 2017

Illegal but legitimate? The consequences of U.S. action in Syria (The Globe and Mail)
Craig Forcese, Faculty of Law, shares his thoughts on the consequences of U.S. action in Syria.

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Top stories to start your day (The Globe and Mail)

How a now-defunct Romanian website exposed tension between privacy and openness in Canadian courts (National Post)
Jane Bailey, Faculty of Law, said the Canada’s Federal Court’s ruling sends “an important signal about privacy.”

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More accountability needed for mining industries (Vancouver Province)
In a piece written by Ashley Boyes, JD candidate at the University of Ottawa, Penelope Simons, Faculty of Law, says “It is time for Canada to step up to the plate and take legislative action to prevent Canadian extractive companies from profiting from human rights abuses and other harm.”

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Ottawa in talks of becoming sanctuary city (Fulcrum)
Despite impassioned pleas by Jamie Liew, Faculty of Law and Mohammed Zakaria Khan, president of the Ottawa Muslim Association, the municipal government did not make a formal decision on Ottawa becoming sanctuary city.

Canada answering the global need for health research (Troy Media)
Steven Hoffman, Faculty of Law, shares what Canada can do to address a variety of health issues with worldwide implications. 


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Vendredi, Avril 7, 2017
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