5 mai 2017

Ottawa to pull research chair funding unless diversity issue addressed at universities (The Globe and Mail)
Amir Attaran, Faculties of Law and Faculty of Medicine, filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission last year over what he said was discrimination in the Canada Excellence Research Chairs program.

La GRC envisage une mesure pour mieux protéger les droits des journalistes (La Presse)
Wesley Wark, Faculté des sciences sociales, et Craig Forcese, Faculté de droit, commentent la modification à une directive ministérielle envisagée par la GRC afin de mieux protéger les droits des journalistes relativement aux enquêtes sur le crime organisé.

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RCMP eyes expanded media protections amid concerns over police surveillance (The Globe and Mail)

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Nova Scotia privacy commissioner investigates after school security cameras streamed (The Globe and Mail)
Karen Eltis, Faculty of Law, comments on the “great responsibility” associated with data and image collection.

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Flood and Thomas: We need a businesslike approach to pharmacare (Ottawa Citizen)
Colleen M. Flood and Bryan Thomas, Faculty of Law, share their thoughts on the Ontario Liberals’ pharmacare plan targeted at youths aged 25 and under, which will provide full coverage for a wide range of prescription drugs.

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Films on China's Organ Harvesting Screened by Canadian MPs on Parliament Hill (The Epoch Times)
Y.Y. Chen, Faculty of Law – Common Law Section, comments on a documentary on organ harvesting in China, which was aired at the University of Ottawa.

World Trade Organisation gives Australia's plain tobacco packs the (draft) thumbs up (The Conversation)
Don McRae, Faculty of Law, was one of the three arbitrators at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the investor-state dispute between Australia and Philip Morris Asia.

Louis Vuitton lawsuit set to make waves in counterfeit liability (Securing Industry)
Teresa Scassa, Faculty of Law, highlights the important issue around markets and landlord accountability.

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