5 avril 2017

Boyes: More accountability needed for mining industries (Ottawa Citizen)
Penelope Simons, Faculty of Law, says “It is time for Canada to step up to the plate and take legislative action to prevent Canadian extractive companies from profiting from human rights abuses and other harm.”

Program robots to refuse government handouts (Sarnia Observer)
Ian Kerr, Faculty of Law, spoke at the Senate Liberal open caucus studying artificial intelligence and discussed medical diagnoses made by a machine and "killer robots.”

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'I was raped': a University of Waterloo student's fight for compassion (Halton Region)
Constance Backhouse, Faculty of Law, discussed the role of colleges and universities in dealing with sexual assault in at a panel discussion held by the University of Waterloo in March.  

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Mercredi, Avril 5, 2017
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