31 mars 2017

Don't forget the 'killer robots,' feds told amid artificial intelligence push (CTV News)
At an open caucus meeting of Senate Liberals on the pros and cons of AI and robotics, Ian Kerr, Faculty of Law, explains how the technology behind Artificial Intelligence can be used dangerously in weapons.

Skeptical councillors hear pleas to make Ottawa a sanctuary city (Ottawa Citizen)
Jamie Liew, Faculty of Law, explains the question asked by her clients on whether or not they are at risk of detention or deportation when they request city services. 

Canadian Surgeons Harvesting The Organs of Euthanized Patients (Life News)
A recent article in the Impact Ethics blog by Professor Jennifer A. Chandler, Faculty of Law, pointed out that combining organ donation with euthanasia could lead to some tricky issues in ethics, law and conscientious objection

The IOC and human rights (CBA National)
Erika Schneidereit, Faculty of Law, outlines the challenges surrounding the International Olympic Committee's experience with human rights and how to mitigate infringements through effective implementation of a recently added reference to the UN Guiding Principles in a revised contract.  

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Vendredi, Mars 31, 2017
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