30 janvier 2018

'No one really wins': Minister, Indigenous advocates say 'Indian hospital' class-action can't right all wrongs (CBC News)
Yvonne Boyer, Faculty of Law, comments on the $1.1 billion class-action lawsuit focusing on segregated hospitals across Canada.

Who's afraid of a vape debate? (National Post)
David Sweanor, Faculty of Law, is mentioned as one of four panellists who offered a compelling argument in favour of vaping products as a safer alternative for those unwilling or unable to quit smoking.

Facebook's ad transparency experiment can still mislead users on advertiser's identity, review finds (The Globe and Mail)
Michael Pal, Faculty of Law, explains how compared to the U.S., Canada's laws allow for much stricter government regulation of political advertising.

Fillmore cleared by Elections N.S., but video under federal microscope (The Chronicle Herald)
Duff Conacher, Faculté de droit, talks about a video endorsing Halifax Chebucto Liberal candidate Joachim Stroink, which appears to violate the federal Board of Internal Economy bylaws that govern how MPs are allowed to use their parliamentary resources.

Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, is mentioned for having spoken out against FairPlay Canada’s CRTC application.

$500M in damages riding on rejected N.S. quarry in NAFTA fight (CBC News)
Amir Attaran, Faculty of Law, comments on the Nova Scotia-linked NAFTA tribunal ruling that is seen by some as a test of sovereignty under the free trade agreement.

Anti-piracy group urges CRTC to create website-blocking system (The Globe and Mail)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, comments on the request from anti-privacy group that demands the federal telecom regulator to create a website-blocking system to address online piracy.

Former NDP candidate says she'll seek Capital ward seat on city council (Ottawa Citizen)
Emilie Taman, Faculty of Law, says she'll run in the next municipal election to represent Capital ward on Ottawa city council.

Une coalition de distributeurs veut bloquer les sites de piratage (La Presse)
Michael Geist, Faculté de droit, discute de la proposition de la création d'une liste noire de sites de piratage qui seraient automatiquement bloqués par tous les distributeurs d'accès internet.

What exactly is sexual misconduct? Well, that depends on who you ask; Unlike sexual assault, term has no 'fixed line'or defined legal consequences (Ottawa Citizen)
Elizabeth Sheehy, Faculty of Law, defines sexual harassment.

Expert fears limits on N.S. inquiry into the Lionel Desmond killings (OHS Canada)
Ed Ratushny, Faculty of Law, comments on the Nova Scotia inquiry into the Lionel Desmond killings.


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Mardi, Janvier 30, 2018
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