Le 30 avril 2015

Public should be barred from hearing into alleged snooping by nurse: lawyer

Publication: Toronto Star 

Colleen M. Flood, Common Law Section, comments on a disciplinary hearing for a nurse accused of improperly accessing 300 patients’ files that is being held up due to her lawyer seeking to have it held in secret. She states that “their commitment to the public interest has to be front and centre.”

'No Obligation' For Canadians To Pay Settlements In Copyright Notices

Publication: Huffington Post Canada

Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, comments on Minister James Moore’s statement that there is no obligation for Canadians to pay settlements from copyright infringement notices. “Those are encouraging words that come as close as the government can to tell consumers that it does not believe that settlements should be included in the notices and to hint that it does not expect Canadians to pay.”

What risk did you take to escape as a refugee? 

Publication: CBC News – Ontario Today 

(4:50-51:37) Peter Showler, Human Rights Research and Education Centre, discusses the conditions in which refugees leave their country, in relation to the Journey to Freedom Day.

Social Media – Charge 

Publication: 570News – The Eric Drozd Show

(19:30-28:45) Teresa Scassa, Canada Research Chair in Information Law, discusses social media use in relation to a verdict against a woman who posted a photo of graffiti of a Montreal police officer on social media.

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Jeudi, Avril 30, 2015
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