30-31 mai 2017

Now more than ever, Canada needs a strong anti-spam law (The Globe and Mail)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, argues that delaying the full implementation of Canadian anti-spam law would represent a significant step backward at a time when other countries are prioritizing the fight against online harm.

Ottawa Police to join panel to help improve response to sexual assaults, domestic violence (CTV News)
According to 2007 study by Blair Crew, Faculty of Law, one-third of all sexual assault cases reported to Ottawa Police were deemed “unfounded” and that one in six resulted in charges.

Canadian Health Care Is Failing Our Refugees (The Huffington Post)
Y.Y. Brandon Chen and Vanessa Gruben, Faculty of Law, share their thoughts on the lack of Canadian refugee health care. 

Should Drug Counterfeiters Continue to Get Off Easy? (The American Spectator)
Amir Attaran, Faculty of Law, told Newsweek the U.S. must adopt stronger legislation and then encourage trade partners to do the same. 

Northern Ontario could get more seats (Sudbury Star)
Michael Pal, Faculty of Law, is a member of the Far North Electoral Boundaries Commission.

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