Le 28 janvier 2015

Bid to boost CSIS powers back on House agenda

Publication: CBC

The University of Ottawa’s Common Law Section is hosting a morning symposium on the constitutionality of several "Senate renewal proposal," with Errol Mendes, Common Law Section amongst the scheduled speakers.

Transit commissioner who quit to run Deans campaign to be reappointed

Publication: Ottawa Citizen

Blair Crew, Common Law Section, is mentioned in this article as one of the four people nominated to fill the positions of citizen commissioners for the new term of council.


Lack of mandatory hacking disclosure laws leaves Canadians at risk and in the dark

Publication: Mississauga News

This article mentions Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-Commerce Law, regarding his blogs and articles on online breach disclosure laws.

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Mercredi, Janvier 28, 2015
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