27 septembre 2017

How to build an effective digital Cancon strategy on the cheap (The Globe and Mail)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, shares his thoughts on how to build an effective digital strategy for Canadian content, calling for a more confident strategy that emphasizes competition, flexible legal frameworks and the export and promotion of Canadian content to a global audience.

'Radical and overreaching': Bell wants Canadians blocked from piracy websites (CBC News)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, comments on potential far-reaching effects of Bell’s bid to convince the federal government to block Canadians' access to piracy websites and stiffen the penalties for violations.

Google search capability raises legal concerns; Ability to defeat court publication bans is 'horrifying for the victims, lawyer says (Ottawa Citizen)
Karen Eltis, Faculty of Law, discusses the ability of Google's search engine to link a court-protected name to online news coverage in high-profile cases.

The loudest voices against tax reform are not neutral (Plant)
In an op-ed, Michael Wolfson, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Law, comments on responses to federal Finance minister Bill Morneau's proposals for tightening tax breaks associated with private companies.


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Mercredi, Septembre 27, 2017
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