Le 27 janvier 2015

Senate committee renews scrutiny of bill on public servants' politics

Publication: Ottawa Citizen

Errol Mendes, Common Law Section, comments on  the Private members’ bill amended last year by a House of Commons committee. According to him, if passed, the bill would trump existing legislation, including the non-partisanship provisions of the Public Service Employment Act. However, the bill would face a constitutional challenge. 

Questions raised about legality of proposed anti-terror bill

Publication: Sun News

Craig Forcese, Common Law Section, comments on the new anti-terror legislation and the debate surrounding it. “The temptation is to wave the legislative wand and solve a problem. You can't legislate this problem out of existence; this bill will give the appearance of taking action without actually doing anything.”

Return of the Netflix Tax?

Publication: TheTyee

In this Op-Ed, Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-Commerce Law, comments on the federal government’s budget plans to levy sales taxes (GST/HST) on digital products such as music downloads or online video services.

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Mardi, Janvier 27, 2015
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