27 février 2017

Universal public coverage of essential drugs would improve health care, research suggests (CBC News)
Amir Attaran, Faculty of Law, believes universal, public coverage of essential medicines is possible and desirable.

Sanctuary status may be more than cities can handle: Collenette (Toronto Star)
Penny Collenette, Faculty of Law, discusses sanctuary status and the challenges facing each Canadian province in the face of displaced people fleeing persecution, conflict and genocide. 

Let's set refugee policy without U.S. involvement (London Free Press)
Jamie Liew, Faculty of Law, explains how the decisions facing refugees in the US can impact Canada and how we can alleviate the hardship of those taking risks to seek refugee protection. 

CRA expects to track down $400M in tax crackdown (Cambridge Times)
Vern Krishna, Faculty of Law, called the $400 million remarkable, but expressed skepticism regarding the figure, noting that the appeal process at CRA can take a long time.

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Lundi, Février 27, 2017
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