26-27 october 2017

A push for pension protection a legacy of Sears injustice: Tim Harper (Toronto Star)
Gilles LeVasseur, Telfer School of Management and Faculty of Law, analyses the situation of the 16,000 retirees at Sears who are unsure what portion of their pension they will receive.

How to stop the Myanmar crisis? We can learn from Kosovo (The Globe and Mail)
Allan Rock, Faculty of Law, shares his thoughts on how to stop the Myanmar crisis and how international engagement can succeed.

Morneau's passive-income 'tweak' for small businesses is as ill-informed as ever (National Post)
This article mentions Michael Wolfson, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Medicine, was vilified by the business sector for supporting many of the government’s original tax-reform proposals.

Daniel Bouchard s'est entretenu avec Gilles Levasseur (Radio-Canada Ottawa-Gatineau)
Gilles LeVasseur, École de Gestion Telfer et Faculté de droit, discute de la diminution du poids démographique des francophones à Ottawa.

Egan: Chastened chef Matthew Carmichael a 'product' of an industry with a problem (Ottawa Citizen)
Joanne St. Lewis, Faculty of Law, explains why she sees the restaurant trade as especially vulnerable to sexual violence since attractive servers are part of the atmosphere in a business that is male-dominated at the top.

'A kick in the ass': Ottawa restaurateurs speak out after chef admits to sexual harassment (Ottawa Citizen)
Blair Crew, Faculty of Law, analyzes how the multiple harassment complaints against Matthew Carmichael, a local chef who recently admitted to sexually harassing women, might be settled.


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Jeudi, Octobre 26, 2017
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