Le 24 avril 2015

Canadians 'under no obligation' to pay for piracy

Publication: Metro News

Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, comments on CEG TEK, an anti-piracy firm that works on behalf of content owners. According to him, “ultimately, the cost of setting up auto-forwarding and monitoring services for these notices was pushed onto the ISPs, who will ultimately pass these costs on to consumers.”

Is this the end of praying to start council meetings?

Publication: Owen Sound Sun Times

Errol Mendes, Common Law Section, comments on the Supreme Court of Canada decision to prohibit prayers before municipal council meetings in Quebec. “So it’s a signal to councils that they really should start thinking about whether or not they want to continue if they have a prayer that is clearly religious in nature and before people start taking them to court under the Canadian Charter.”

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Vendredi, Avril 24, 2015
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