24-31 juillet 2017

Brockville an example on refugees (Brockville Recorder and Times)
Jennifer Bond, Faculty of Law, joined a Canadian delegation to the United Kingdom as  part of the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative, to encourage the development and adoption of a community refugee sponsorship program in the U.K.

When women are surrogate mothers: is that work? (National Post)
Angela Cameron and Vanessa Gruben, Faculty of Law, comment on the recent call from the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS) for the federal government to reconsider the ban on payment for surrogacy services in Canada.

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When women are surrogate mothers: Is that work? (The Conversation)

Federal Court rules against York University in fair dealing case (Affaires Universitaires/University Affairs)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, comments on the Federal Court's ruling that York University owes royalty fees to Access Copyright. 

Why Fair Dealing Is Not Destroying Canada Publishing - Intellectual Property Watch (Intellectual Property Watch)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, expands on the reality of Canadian publishing and copyright law. 

Ottawa-Vanier MPP faces backlash after tweet saying Abdirahman Abdi was 'murdered' (CTV News)
Ottawa-Vanier Liberal MPP Nathalie Des Rosiers, former Dean of the Civil Law Section, faces backlash after a tweet was issued from her account Wednesday evening saying Abdirahman Abdi had been "murdered by a careless police officer." 

A sea change in the war on smoking (The Globe and Mail)
This article quotes David Sweanor, faculty of law, and his "quit or die approach" to smoking cessation. 

Defamation suit over Almonte parkland escalates as legal experts weigh in (Ottawa Citizen)
David Fewer, director of the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, comments on a case involving a piece of Almonte land involved in what began as a municipal dispute and is now a legal showdown.  

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Lundi, Juillet 31, 2017
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