23 mars 2017

Improper evidence may have swayed jury, court rules in ordering new sex-assault trial (The Globe and Mail)
Constance Backhouse, Faculty of Law, comments on the improper use of sexual behaviour history in sexual assault trials.

Netflix can chill? Not so fast as Uber tax opens door for long-awaited tariff on streaming (Metro News)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, explains how the ‘Uber tax,’ announced in the recent federal budget, could set the precedent for a broader tax on digital services, a net that Netflix could find itself caught up in. 

Do not backtrack: Non-regression in environmental law (CBA National)
Lynda Collins, Faculty of Law, explains non-regression means that part of one’s right to a healthy environment is to “have today’s level of environmental protection preserved.”. 

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Jeudi, Mars 23, 2017
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