23 decembre 2017

Two legacies, one dark mystery: Toronto elite reeling after violent deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman (National Post)
Amir Attaran, Faculty of Medicine and Law, discusses his research which shows that Apotex Inc. drugs are often sold in Canada for much higher prices than in other parts of the world.

When it came to launching legal battles, Apotex founder Barry Sherman was 'absolutely singular' (Toronto Star)
Amir Attaran, Faculty of Law, comments on the late Barry Sherman’s role in the pharmaceutical industry.

Aging inmates: Correctional Service of Canada has strategy in the works (Guelph Mercury)
Jennifer Chandler, Faculty of Law, comments on the aging incarcerated population and the quality of health care provided in the correctional setting.


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Samedi, Décembre 23, 2017
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