22 janvier 2018

Danielle Smith: Abortion edict exposes federal government to charter challenge (Global News)
Daphne Gilbert, Faculty of Law, argues that the Canadian government’s position on abortion could withstand legal scrutiny.

La Montreal Maine & Atlantic restera-t-elle impunie? (Radio-Canada)
Jennifer Quaid, Faculté de droit, partage son expertise sur le procès du Lac-Mégantic.

For the freedom of the net (McGill Daily)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, talks about the implementation of a new corporation called the "Internet Piracy Review Agency".

Legal challenge to Canada Summer Jobs Program new 'abortion' clause underway (Toronto Sun)
Daphne Gilbert, Faculty of Law, coments on the federal government’s decision to require a commitment to human rights in its Canada Student Job (CSJ) grants.

Google Arts & Culture: une application amusante, mais préoccupante (Le Devoir)
Florian Martin-Bariteau, Faculté de droit, discute de la reconnaissance faciale étant une branche de l’intelligence artificielle en pleine expansion.

Automated "killbots" are a popular film trope. Will they soon be a reality? (Salon)
Ian Kerr, Faculty of Law, shares his thoughts on automated robots.

Will Donald Trump win or lose in the digital age of journalism? (Toronto Star)
Opinion piece by Penny Collenette, Faculty of Law.

Popularity Of A Smoking Alternative Is Causing Cigarette Sales To Tank (Daily Caller)
David Sweanor, Faculty of Law shares his opinion on the growing popularity of smoking alternative.

Indigenous people must become full partners in Canada's health system (Macleans)
Opinion piece by Yvonne Boyer, Faculty of Law.

Canada Summer Jobs: Everything you need to know about the crackdown on anti-abortion groups (Global News)
Carissima Mathen, Faculty of Law, shares her views on the lawsuit the Canada summer jobs program is facing,


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Lundi, Janvier 22, 2018
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