21 mars 2017

Doctors harvesting organs from Canadian patients who underwent medically assisted death (National Post)
Jennifer Chandler, Faculty of Law, explains some of the challenges and pressures that can arise surrounding the relationships between medically assisted suicide and organ donations.

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Landing at YOW? What you need to know about the new facial recognition kiosks (CBC News Ottawa)
Ian Kerr, Faculty of Law, outlines potential privacy issues in regards to the use of the new self-serve kiosk, called a primary inspection kiosk, to speed up and streamline the arrival process at the Ottawa Airport. 

Ottawa composer-turned-lawyer plays to his strengths (Ottawa Business Journal)
This article highlights the path and accomplishments of lawyer and musician Ted Mann, Faculty of Law. 

Penelope Simons, Faculty of Law, calls on the Canadian government to “step up to the plate and take legislative action to prevent Canadian extractive companies from profiting from human rights abuses and other harm.”

US, Canada agree to gather facts about asylum seekers (SoloNews)
Jamie Liew, Faculty of Law, comments on Canada’s legal obligations towards refugees. 

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Mardi, Mars 21, 2017
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